Pandemic Perspectives

Because the Mandt System is a virtual company, all of our employees were already working remotely out of their homes long before the Covid-19 shifted remote working to a more commonplace phenomenon.  Our team are based across different states, countries and continents so we are well used to managing issuing of bandwidth, video conferencing, times zones and the like.   

The pandemic shift to remote working has put a spotlight on many of the positive and negative long term impacts of a remote workforce.  Consequently many workforce platforms such as LinkedIn, and general media institutions are publishing data, scientific as well as anecdotal perspectives on how to best maintain health and welfare of employees, whilst maintaining performance at this time.

This past week I have actually been catching up with a small group of our employees down in Texas, many of whom I have not seen in person for over 2 years.  Part of the message I have shared with them is that with everything we are learning about remote working, how impressive their service and supports to our customers and the business really are.  They consistently go above and beyond and manage to maintain a healthy perspective in the workflow and outcomes they deliver.  

Notwithstanding, that we in the Mandt System have self selected to be a remote workforce, I am so much more appreciate of our team based upon what we are learning from the emerging research and study of this phenomenon.  Funny how in life it can sometimes take something negative to help us see something positive. This notion to those of you who know the Mandt program and philosophy will be no surprise.  Those of you that don’t,  feel free to reach out to learn more

Simon Kemp – CEO

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