Thank You Program Participants…

Kudos to our trainers participating in face to face certification and/or recertification!  When we resumed in person certification earlier this year I was initially concerned for our trainers coming to our locations to work with us.  My first few trips included a few students who needed to be reminded about wearing a mask and/or wearing a mask properly and a few students who saw my taking their temperature each morning as a burden.  I was afraid that if this is where we are starting, what is it going to be like a few months into the process.  Well, we are now several months in and I have not seen any face mask issues with students recently and most students approach me each morning to take their temperature.  

We are all wearing a mask when indoors.  We are all keeping both our mouth and nose covered.  We are all taking advantage of frequent breaks to wash hands and are using hand sanitizers.  Many of the locations we are training in are even providing hand sanitizing stations in the training room.  

While many people view wearing a mask as a way to protect themselves, we also need to see wearing a mask is our way of protecting others around us.  Wearing a mask is my way of telling people around me “I’m concerned for you and looking for ways to protect you.”  I send the same message when I maintain social distancing, use hand sanitizers, avoid crowds, etc.  In other words, wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and socially distancing are all ways of showing other people that we are treating them with dignity and respect.   

Thank you to everyone who has been in one of my recent events.  I appreciate your efforts to keep me safe.  My family and friends appreciate your efforts.  Every other Mandt trainer I encounter appreciates your efforts.  Let’s all continue to show our respect for everyone we encounter by continuing to follow CDC guidelines!

Dr.Dale Shannon – Mandt Faculty

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