Relationships Matter

This past week Dr.Brene Brown shared the following quote and link on her LinkedIn feed and featured in one of her ‘Dare to Lead’ Podcasts;

“Deep transformational change is never transactional.  It is always relational”.   Aiko Betha

For the past 45 years the Mandt System has promoted this core message as a central truth to our ‘alternative’ approach to addressing challenging behaviors in the workplace, both those of staff and individuals served.  Whilst it is gratifying and reinforcing that others are starting to provide a similar message, it is frustrating that so many still see ‘Control & Coercion’ as the central elements to promoting and maintaining safety.

There is a reason that our approach remains the path less travelled and that is simply that it is the harder path.  The reason, because we have to examine ourselves first before we examine others.  This is an uncomfortable process, and many prefer not to engage is this type of reflective approach and practice.  For those that do, lasting positive effects are consistently reported. 

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