The Mandt System is pleased to share CJJA’s vision of better outcomes for youth and their families.

This brief video overview introduces the Mandt System’s initiative to assist juvenile justice Professionals.

Program Details

This brochure explains the Mandt System’s Juvenile Just program in greater detail. This includes the Mandt philosophy and Mission as well as features of the program and how they can benefit your
Organization and the youth in our care.

The brochure also presents of the research with which the program was developed.

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Founded in 1975, The Mandt System is an internationally recognized staff learning & development program which provides a comprehensive array of educational events to organizations, their employees, and the people with whom they interact. The Mandt Sytem’s philosophy since its beginning is that “all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.”

The Mandt System’s Juvenile Justice program is a blend of our signature crisis prevention, de-escalation and physical intervention programs listed above. We start with a training needs assessment to determine which concepts your team needs. The end result is a fully customized train-the-trainer course that meets your exact needs. We deliver this training onsite with your instructors over a four-day in person class.


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A Breakthrough In Review and Support of the Mandt Technical Curriculum

The Mandt System has created an industry-leading Augmented Reality program for reinforcement and review of teaching the physical technique.

This video explains and demonstrates this breakthrough innovations.

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