Autism: Supports Through the Specturm

John Olson, the Team Administrator for Opportunity Village in Clear Lake, Iowa, attended the workshop and said: “This course was just what our agency needed to move us forward in our new Autism Center for Children. The easy to understand language, as it relates to a very complex world of Autism is going to be the center of our training for our staff in the program.”

Jim Fagan, Director of Resident Services in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia said “As a Mandt instructor for 12 years and a staff educator for 30 years I was impressed how the session and handout material were practical, research-based and engaged everyone in the room at the same time. The curriculum is accessible for all levels of knowledge of autism. It is immediately useful for people who are just learning about those affected with autism and is complex enough to provide further growth for people who have been supporting individuals for years. It has helped us gain a different perspective on how people affected with autism experience their world. Family members who attended were also connected with the presenter in a way that I’ve not often seen before. In the weeks since the training staff and supervisors who attended are excited to bring back information to the rest of their teams.

Current Mandt instructors have the ability to bring the information forward to staff who were not at the training. For our agency this means that all staff who support individuals with autism will benefit from the work the Mandt System has done. As a result of this session we will also be recommending the training to our sister agencies across the province.

In This PlaceAutism is a term that results in many different perceptions when people hear or read this one word. Autism is a uniquely individual set of differences between people whose neurology is “typical” and those whose neurology is “atypical.” Rather than think of Autism Spectrum Disorders, this workshop looks at Autism Spectrum Differences, and how to best support people, not just their behaviors or their diagnosis.

The goals of this workshop mirror the goals of The Mandt System® – to build healthy relationships with people as a way of reducing behaviors that could result in harm to self and/or others. Learning how to communicate with people affected by autism is central to this process, as is understanding the neurosensory differences present in people “on the spectrum.”

This workshop is specifically designed for mixed groups of parents, families and friends, direct support staff, and others who support people who self-describe as autistic. By integrating information from neurology, psychology, occupational therapy, and writings from the autistic advocacy community, The Mandt System® has developed a workshop that Christina Maulsby, both a parent of 2 children with autism and a professional in the field of autism said was “a valuable use of my time. I took away many useful tips, approaches to try, a “try a different way” mindset and most importantly I gained an even better understanding of what it is like to be in my sons’ world. I feel by attending this training I am better equipped to work with my own two children with ASD and also those I serve.”

The Objectives of the class are:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the neurosensory differences associated with ASD
  • Delineate the process of neurosensory development in behavioral input and output
  • Explore the preferred self-description of people with autism as “autistic”
  • Describe how to support autistic people using sensory inputs to address behavior
  • Identify 7 senses and their importance in ASD services and supports

About the Presenters:

Bob Bowen is the Senior Vice President of Product Development and has been certified in The Mandt System® since 1980, and has extensive experience supporting people with autism as a direct support professional, administrator, and behavioral consultant. In addition to his work with The Mandt System, Inc., Bob is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.

Simon Kemp serves as Senior Vice President for Business Development within the Mandt System. Previously Simon has developed and taught Autism specific classes and events for the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) as well as having written, and continuing to be published in Autism Specific Journals and Publications. Simon’s professional background is in Applied Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis and he has served as a Consultant Psychologist to the London and South East branch of National Autistic Society in the UK as well as National Behaviour Advisor to The National Deafblind & Rubella Association (SENSE) in the UK. Simon is a Citizen Advocate for a gentlemen with Autism in the local community where he resides.

Tim Geels is the Senior Vice President of Organizational Development for the Mandt System®. His work experiences have involved working with individuals with Autism directly or indirectly since 1987. Tim is the father of three boys and his middle son, Tyler, was diagnosed with Fragile X when he was two. In 2012, Tim helped start the Heartland Fragile X Alliance serving families and professionals in Iowa and South Dakota. As a parent of a child affected by a developmental disability, as well as a professional in the field, Tim brings a unique blend of personal and professional insights into his presentations.

Time: 8:30am-5:00pm Cost:   $195.00 per person

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