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A Well-Suited Approach

The Mandt System teaches prevention and de-escalation techniques to help people better safely manage behavior when difficult situations happen in school.

Individual Intervention

The Mandt System is a concept-based approach, which makes it flexible and able to address individual school cases. No matter where used, it can work.

The Mandt System has been helping educators build safer and healthier school environments for the last 45 years. The concepts we use are utilized all over the globe. We understand that everyone is unique, and our approach accounts for that. Our methods have been backed by evidence-based research, which is a must in human services. We carefully make our programs work not only in school environments, but in budget and time constraints as well. There’s never been a better time to hone your prevention chops. Learn how to handle difficult situations and build better relationships in your school as well. 

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School Dynamics

Human behavior is complicated and challenging to understand, and we don’t always know how to respond to the difficult situations we sometimes face. The Mandt System teaches prevention and de-escalation techniques to help people safely manage behavior so that everyone can be safe in their environment.


Need to Know How to Handle Difficult Situations?

Feels Safe

The Mandt System ensures no one person’s needs come in expense of another’s. The approach works to provide a culture where everyone can feel and stay safe.

Time and Budget Conscious

Time and money are precious in almost any situation, but especially in education. The Mandt System structures programs and fees carefully with that in mind.

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Return to your school and put the Mandt training to use to build a safer and healthier school environment.

At The Mandt System, we know you want to create a safe environment for everyone. To do that, you need to know how to handle challenging situations when they come up. The problem is, our natural instinct is to react, which will often make the situation worse. The Mandt System teaches you to respond in a way that de-escalates the situation and builds your relationship with the person at the same time. We believe you need to support people, not just their behaviors™. This is why we have spent the last 45 years helping people just like you learn proven, evidence-based techniques for prevention and de-escalation to make your school safer. Talk with one of our experts today.

Put the Mandt System to Use for You

It’s time to stop worrying about how to handle difficult situations. Instead, let’s start building a safer, happier school environment and culture so that your staff and students can say, “In this place and with these people, I feel safe.” Contact a Mandt prevention expert today. 

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How the Mandt System Works


The Mandt System’s concepts and training circle the globe. Our work has an international reach that intersects schools, their staff, and the students with whom they communicate. However, our mission stays the same regardless of place: putting people first and supporting others—not just their behaviors.

Helping Schools

"The Mandt System ® is a great program!
The staff of The Mandt System ® are extremely knowledgeable and keep up with current information in the field.. It has helped our districts tremendously in building positive relationships and keeping people safe"

Cynthia E.
Franklin County Special Education, MO

"We rarely have to use a restraint on any of our students. In fact, we would only use one in an effort to keep a student safe or from injuring themselves or others. We have found Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to work extremely well with our population who have autism. The Mandt System ® and its philosophy seems to go very well with ABA practices"

Ronald M.
Lansing School District, KS

"This system is the first one that I’ve used that really addresses the relationship with parents/students."

Patrick G.
Centra-Rivermont Schools,VA

"The focus of The Mandt System ® is about building healthy relationships with our students. The goal is to keep students from reaching the crisis phase, however, when it does happen, restraint is the last option and is used only when the safety of the person and/or others is at risk. I’ve had certain teachers within my school say that Mandt won’t work for "their type of student" however, I’ve been able to use what I’ve learned in Mandt (without restraint) specifically for those students with success. Mandt is about making our students feel safe and secure while always showing dignity and respect."

Linda S.
Roanoke County Public Schools, VA

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