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The Mandt System is more than an aggression management program with information about trauma.  It has fully integrated the concepts of trauma and positive behavior support in all facets of the training.  While The Mandt System is our aggression management training program, it is so much more than that.  Using The Mandt System, the Adolescent Residential Treatment Program at Sheppard-Pratt Health System has been able to reduce aggression related workers compensation costs to zero in 2010, while improving the quality of life of the children and youth we serve.  By focusing on prevention and de-escalation to the extent Mandt teaches, we have been able to help severely traumatized children start on the road to recovery.  

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Louise Hopkins
, Sheppard Pratt, MD

I have been a charge nurse in the Emergency Room at Mercy for 18 years on the evening shift. Been training MANDT for 8 years. The benefits we see in the emergency room is that we now have a systematic approach when interacting with the mental ill and in dealing with families in a crisis. Prior to using MANDT a lot of the staff used “whatever means necessary” to control the person and not deal with the behaviors. I use MANDT every single day of my life. Dealing with my spouse, 4 yr old, 7 yr old, and at the Dubuque county jail where i work part-time. Even with inmates I use MANDT and it helps to gain their respect instead of using physical force. I will be the first to admit I was skeptical of MANDT being that I am a 6’3″ 285# Powerlifter and Rugby player. But the first time I was certified in MANDT and applied the concepts I learned, I found that I don’t need to use physical force at all. It has been years since I have had to put someone in restraints. This hospital trains everyone from managers of department, security, plant engineering, nursing staff, unit secretaries, admitting secretaries, and outpatient clinics. We also train several critical access hospitals within a 60 mile radius. Statistically, I can get you some numbers but I can safely tell you that we have reduced our patients in restraints by 60 -75 %.

Jeff Baker, ER, Charge Nurse, Mercy Health System

“The Mandt system far surpassed even our own expectations in reducing our staff dependency on restraints in working with challenging people with developmental disabilities since we started utilizing the Mandt system in mid-year 2004. Our organization has a completely different philosophy in working with challenging situations that the Mandt system has contributed to substantially that has allowed us to flourish in regards to growth and stability for all those we serve.”

Wayne H. Harvey, 
Chief Operations Officer
Independent Opportunities


“Thank you for your assistance and allowing me to teach this course to The Lighthouse employees. I have already been getting excellent reviews from my boss and employees. I have also notice a reduction in restraints and when they do occur they are much safer. We are on our way to meeting our goal of reducing restraints by 50% by next summer. I look forward to re-training in April 2012. ”

Trent Levins, 
Director of Operations
The Lighthouse II, Inc.
P.O. Box 141812
Spokane Valley, WA 99214-1812


“I’m highly interested in becoming an instructor for my agency. I worked for the county board for 13 years from 1996 to 2009 and recieved training when the board began using your certification. I recieved training in both conceptual and physical as well as advanced. The system by far is above any other training of its type and I have seen others and their concepts which does not protect either parties in a crisis situation.”

David Lyon, Director, Avenue to Independence LLC.


“I believe in the Mandt System and I brag about how well it works in our department here at Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center. Thank you”

Randy Barela
, Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department 
600 Mission Road 
San Antonio TX  78210


I really like the MANDT system and its’ concept of teaching people the importance of building relationships and treating people with dignity and respect. And not just mentioning these concepts, it is the main focus of the program.

I was actually a part of the curriculum review team for APD.  While MANDT was not one of the curriculums I reviewed, it is the one I chose to use with my organization.

Debbie Gibson Lee
, Quality Assurance Director
Comprehensive Community Services, Inc.
511 Goldkist Blvd. SW
Live Oak, FL


“We absolutely love and believe in the program!”

Rashay Blake, 
Advantage Behavioral Health Systems 
250 North Avenue 
Athens GA  30601


I deeply appreciate the Mandt System trainers’ and organization’s helpfulness in making your training system as understandable and memorable as possible.  We have never regretted our decision to teach the Mandt System.

Thank You,

Lennie Jahn, 
Residential QHSP
FAYCO Enterprises, Inc.


“I always enjoy talking with people about how I feel the Mandt System can benefit people in their professional and their personal lives. It is a program that works best when it is embraced by the participant. I am truly honored to be associated with such a great group of people. . . .”

Jennifer Lugen Lutz, 
Big Lakes Developmental Center, Inc. 
1416 Hayes Drive 
Manhattan KS  66502


“We’ve used it (The Mandt System) for a long time and it’s the best system we’ve ever used. It’s the only system we’ve used that truly teaches treating people with dignity and respect in all situations.”

Glenda Smith
, Florida Care Properties, Inc. 
1065 W Congress Street 
Brookhaven MS  39601


“At the end of the last course (small group of 4 people) one of the staff said this was the one of the best courses that she has taken.  We had some really good discussions with this group.

Thanks again to MANDT.”

Robin  Strickland, 
Corridor Community Options Society 
1178 Hwy 2
Lantz NS  B3S 1T4


“I appreciate the curriculum realignment, new information and instructional resources that the Mandt System is providing.”

Doug VonEhrenkrook
, Sedgwick County Area Educational Services 
620 Industrial Road 
PO Box 760 
Goddard KS  67052


“Thank you so much for your time. It is with pleasure that I give the Mandt system my testimonial. It is evident that brevity isn’t easy for me. It is very important to me that you share with all of your staff the importance of their commitment. You, your staff and the Mandt system are making the difference!” Click here for Lisa’s message for you.

Lisa Young
, Pathway to Hope
Center of Grace
520 S Harrison
Olathe KS 66061