Crisis Prevention

Since 1975, The Mandt System has been helping people just like you learn crisis prevention concepts that help reduce violence in the workplace. Our evidence-based training is right for your organization if you’re looking for proven conflict resolution concepts that can be applied to any unique situation and customized to your industry.

Regardless of your industry or profession, The Mandt System believes that everyone has an equal right to safety. Our training program can be uniquely tailored to your organization to reduce crisis situations, creating a space where everyone can say “In this place, and with these people, I feel safe.”™

Crisis Intervention Training Program

At The Mandt System, our approach starts with the idea of supporting people, not just their behaviors.™ When you do this, you’re well on your way to creating a culture that provides for the emotional, psychological, and physical safety of everyone involved.

In order to create a healthy culture, your organization needs a focus on crisis prevention. It’s always better to use de-escalation skills and prevent a crisis situation than to react in the moment and put yourself and others at risk.

Who Can Benefit from Crisis Prevention Training?

Our concepts can help various organizations and industries. We’ve trained people in industries like mental health, education, juvenile justice, healthcare, and more.

Our approach is designed to maintain the needs of everyone involved, without compromising any other aspect. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, direct care professional, or healthcare worker, our training can help you create de-escalation strategies that work.


With our services, your organization can create a process to prepare for and reduce difficult situations when and if they occur. We know firsthand that every workplace is different, and that’s where our specialized approach comes in.

While our programs work in any industry, we work most often with the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Human Services
  • Juvenile Justice


Our evidence-based approach helps professionals make a measurable difference in how to approach crisis prevention, verbal de-escalation, and physical intervention.

We understand that different roles have different responsibilities. That’s why our approach is customizable to meet the need and risk of your unique role. Whether you’re a supervisor, team leader, or direct support—everyone can benefit from a certified crisis prevention program.


Outside of the professional world, families can also benefit from the crisis prevention concepts taught by The Mandt System. We consider the nuanced dynamics of both families and caregivers, including appropriate language and learning needed to create and maintain positive change.

How It Works

Here at The Mandt System, we teach concepts and evidence-based techniques. That means that our training is flexible and adaptable to your specific workplace.


Our training program begins with a focus on building healthy relationships between people to promote workplace safety. We require this as an aspect of our further training programs. Before trainers can be certified in any other aspect of our program, they must be certified in the relational chapters. We do this because the benefits of relationships when de-escalating crisis situations are unmatched.

Maintaining healthy relationships  between people can result in:

  • Ensuring safety (physical, psychological, social, and emotional)
  • Meeting needs
  • Achieving goals


Once your certified trainers have mastered the relational skills of The Mandt System, they can move on to the conceptual training to learn more about trauma-informed care and positive behavior supports needed to maintain workplace safety. This training allows you to take a crisis approach that keeps each person involved safe and risk-free.


In instances where physical intervention is absolutely necessary for the safety of everyone involved, it’s imperative to maintain the dignity and respect of the persons being supported.

Advanced Physical Skills

Most often, physical aggression is a result of fear, risk, frustration, anxiety, and tension. Rarely is there a calculated, planned attack. But in these rare moments you need additional crisis de-escalation and advanced physical skills to minimize risk and maximize the safety of everyone involved.

Safety First

An independent evaluation found that The Mandt System’s advanced physical skills and crisis prevention services maintain as much safety as possible for everyone involved—both individuals served and staff.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

After an in-person training, your certified trainer can train staff on The Mandt System’s prevention concepts. Certification for instructors is required every two years and every year for staff.

If your organization is ready to take the next step toward non-violent crisis intervention, then The Mandt System is ready to help with our evidence-based training. Conveniently schedule a consultation online to find out how we can help you reduce risk and maintain safety for both your staff and those they serve.

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