How We Serve Human Services Professionals

The Mandt System techniques can benefit all human services individuals and organizations—from employees in day services to professionals in residential care facilities and everything in between.

In the human services industry, every day looks different. Just like no two staff members and no two persons they serve are the same. Human services professionals need to be equipped with concepts and techniques to adapt quickly to any situation and person’s behavior.

The Human Services field represents an incredibly diverse group of people, each with unique needs. Our train-the-trainer approach blends our expertise in de-escalation with your trainer’s expertise in their field. This allows our concepts to fit the specific needs of your organization. We aim to be an active partner in helping you create a healthier and safe workplace.

How The Mandt System Works

The Mandt System programs start by helping you learn the essential skills of building and maintaining positive relationships. This foundational skill will help you better understand how to provide emotional, psychological, and physical safety for every person in your workplace. We strive to help you create a space where everyone feels safe and supported. We achieve this through building relationships, learning to control your emotions, preparing to de-escalate incidents, managing your behavior, and responding to everyone with dignity and respect.

Prevent Crisis with Communication, Dignity, and Respect

With our train-the-trainer approach, we’ll help you create a culture that provides emotional, psychological, and physical safety for providers, clients, and their families. Our training gives professionals the confidence to prepare for and prevent instances of aggression in the human services industry. During your training class, your team will learn strategies to establish healthy relationships, communication, and conflict resolution through:

  • Identifying the causes and consequences of stress,
  • Articulating an understanding of behavior as communication,
  • Developing perception-checking skills,
  • Using the five basic conflict styles,
  • Differentiating the two types of trauma,
  • Using positive behavior support, and 
  • Much more. 

Prepare Your Team for When a Situation Escalates

We aim to provide you with the necessary resources, training, and skills to reduce restrictive practices and create a safe and healthy work environment.  However, it is essential to the safety of your employees that they are prepared to appropriately handle any situation where a crisis can occur. With our training, your team will have the skills needed to: 

  • Appropriately handle emotions, causes of stress, and triggering behaviors, 
  • Communicate through problem-solving techniques and understanding conflict cycles,
  • And manage situations with verbal de-escalation techniques.

Help Your Team Learn Safe and Respectful Behaviors

The professionals serving in the human services industry perform a valuable service to everyone in our community. That’s why it’s essential to identify every organization’s individual needs to ensure safe and healthy work environments. We recommend our Relational, Technical, and Conceptual courses if your organization needs more hands-on training. If your organization does not need hands-on training, our Relational and Conceptual training would be ideal for your team. If your organization is interested in learning more about The Mandt System programs, contact us today.

  1. Talk With Us
    Speak with one of our experts, who will develop a training plan to meet your team’s individual challenges and needs.
  2. Schedule a Class
    Attend one of our crisis prevention courses and experience our train-the-trainer approach to learn essential skills and techniques.
  3. Adopt Our Approach
    Return to your workplace and use your Mandt training to build a safer and healthier workplace.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. We can’t wait to get started!

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