Course Description

Advanced Technical Instruction provides a much higher level of physical skill to support workplace safety during instances of intentional physical aggression and violence. The advanced technical instruction is appropriate for settings where the individuals served have a history of being, or are likely to become, physically aggressive to themselves or others.

Requirements & Costs

  • Must have RCT certification
  • Pre-workshop eLearning is required
  • Cost is $3,223USD/$4,256CAD per instructor*
  • Instructors are certified for two years
  • Staff are certified for one year

*We offer special RCT+Advanced Technical pricing for new instructors who require both certifications. Contact us for more information.

Who It’s For

Individuals who work with people whose aggression and violence are at a higher skill and threat level. Often the aggression is intentional and not simply emotionally escalated.

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Chapter 9

Staff learn to manage situations involving strikes and to protect themselves through the use of avoidance, redirection, and shielding. Staff learn to protect themselves from situations involving choking/strangulation. Staff are taught to manage situations involving weapons of opportunity, which are found objects that can be jabbed, swung, thrown or used to choke/strangle.

Staff learn specialised restrictive skills that build on skills from the Technical course, including “loose” and “secure” holds; two-person seated hold; and, holding and positioning for IM injections. Lastly, staff learn skills to lift and carry a person in a standing position away from danger and towards safety or to prepare for the application of mechanical restraints.

Chapter 10

Staff learn protective movement, position and redirection should they find themselves attacked while on the ground. If avoidance proves ineffective, staff may need to protect themselves by escaping chokes or strikes on the ground. Staff also learn skills for lifting a person from the ground to a standing position.

Who We Serve
How long is the course?

All instructors in an advanced course must attend 4 days. The conceptual chapters are done after the face to face portion on-line.

How often must I recertify?

The certification is every two years for instructors. Certification is every year at the student level.

How many students can an instructor teach at one time?

All chapters that do not have any physical skills have a 1 instructor to 20 students ratio. Chapters with physical skills have a ratio of 1 instructor to 10 students.

Do all organisations need advanced training?

No. Only organizations that deal with higher levels of aggression and violence should consider having advanced instructors. The Mandt System can assist in determining the level of training needed to best meet the organizations need.

Do still need to recertify in RCT once they’ve gone advanced?

No. The advanced course also covers the RCT recertification for instructors. Once an Instructor is on the advanced strand they only attend advanced events.

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