What is The Mandt System?

The Mandt System is a healthy-relationship based, learning & development platform designed to promote prevention, de-escalation and intervention approaches. We provide train-the-trainer programs to decrease workplace violence. Click here to learn more about our company.

What type of organizations use The Mandt System?

The Mandt System is used in any workplace where conflict, verbal aggression or physical violence is likely to be present. While our programs are applicable to any industry, we are used widely in four sectors: healthcare, education, human services and juvenile justice.

How do I become certified in The Mandt System?

The Mandt System uses a train-the-trainer approach. We call this instructor training. Most organizations will certify one or more staff as instructors. These instructors return to their organization to train staff in The Mandt System. We call this student training.

Having a certified Mandt instructor on staff is the easiest and most cost-effective way to certify staff in The Mandt System. This is not always possible so we developed the Mandt Student Academy as a way for organizations to receive direct training in The Mandt System. Contact us to find a certified instructor near you.

Is The Mandt System a train-the-trainer program?

Yes, The Mandt System certifies individuals to become instructors (or trainers) for their organizations.

Does The Mandt System provide direct training to reduce workplace violence?

The Mandt System uses a train-the-trainer approach and does not typically provide direct training to staff. Individuals or organizations needing direct training can go request training through our Mandt Student Academy. Contact us to find a certified instructor near you.

How much does The Mandt System cost?

The Mandt System offers multiple certification levels each with their own cost. Visit our Programs and Pricing page for more information.

How much does The Mandt System charge to train participants?

The Mandt System does not charge a participant fee. Our instructor fee includes access to all training materials. There are no additional required costs to train your staff, beyond the instructor’s certification. The instructor certification cost includes the instructor’s manual and access to our online Mandt Resource Center which allows instructors to download training presentations, physical demonstration videos, activities, student workbooks, additional resources, and create student-level certificates. We do this because we want you to know exactly what you’re signing up for and so that you can focus on getting your team trained in the way of De-escalation, Crisis Prevention, and overall, holistic workplace safety.

To enhance your training, additional optional training materials are available for purchase online (printed student workbooks, student blended learning options, posters, etc). Click here to learn more about our Blended Learning program.

Where is The Mandt System instructor training offered?

The Mandt System holds instructor training classes each week across the US and Canada. Visit our training calendar to find a class near you.

Does The Mandt System offer onsite instructor training?

Yes! We can certify your instructors at your location with a minimum of eight (8) instructors per class. Other considerations include Mandt faculty availability, room size, and internet connectivity. Contact us to learn more.

Does The Mandt System offer online programs?

Yes! Our Blended Learning program is an optional resource for organizations wishing to cut down on staff training time. Our blended learning program can represent a significant savings on the cost of freeing up and covering staff for in-person training. Click here to learn more about our Blended Learning program.

How long does it take to complete The Mandt System training?

Training times vary based on instructor vs student training and the level of certification. The following is an example of approximate training times:

Instructor Training: 2-4 days
Student Training: 1-2 days

How long does The Mandt System certification last?

Instructors are certified for two years. Students (staff) are certified for one year.

Does The Mandt System teach restraint?

The Mandt System includes the use of restraint only within the context of a larger restraint reduction methodology. Prevention is the primary strategy for managing aggression in the workplace, followed by de-escalation tactics. If preventative efforts and de-escalation has proven insufficient, staff members as a last resort may need to utilize a restrictive skill along with their de-escalation skills. A restrictive skill can only temporarily interrupt dangerous behavior, as restraint does not address the root cause of dangerous behavior. The root cause of most dangerous behavior is addressed through meeting people’s basic needs and positive behavior supports applied within a trauma informed culture.

Does The Mandt System teach Positive Behavior Support?

The Mandt System is committed to the concept of Positive Behavior Support, also known as Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Unlike others, who simply create an alignment between their own material and PBS methodology, we at the Mandt System seek to fully integrate the new learning and development. The concepts of PBIS are interwoven throughout our Relational curriculum. Additionally, we offer a standalone chapter on PBIS in our Conceptual curriculum

Does The Mandt system align with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

The Mandt System is a management model that ABA practitioners all over the globe have successfully integrated into their programs. We are fortunate to have partnered with ABA practitioners who have taken time to establish a detailed crosswalk on how ABA principles align with the Mandt approach and philosophy. A copy of this PDF is available upon request.

Is The Mandt System a workplace violence prevention program?

TMS is a workplace prevention, management and elimination approach. Our goal is to learn from our partnerships with organizations what their ultimate workplace goals are, and to create a learning and development pathway to achieve and maintain those goals over time.

Where is The Mandt System Accredited?

The Mandt System is an authorized provider of the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Trainings (IACET). As an IACET Authorized Provider, we are able to provide CEUs to individuals completing The Mandt System instructor training. Click here to view our IACET certificate

Is The Mandt System evidence based?

The Mandt System has been utilized in practices that are deemed evidence-based and have contributed to the body of knowledge in the field of restraint reduction. Click here to download our Evidence Based Brochure.

Can I ask for help after I am certified in The Mandt System?

Yes! There is never any charge for phone consultation, video conference or email consultation. We do provide onsite consultation, and a fee is negotiated with the organization for these consultation services.

Does The Mandt System update its materials?

Yes, we update our materials as new information becomes available. The Mandt System is committed to providing the most up-to-date and relevant information as possible.

What is The Mandt System’s approach to physical support/intervention?

The Mandt System utilizes physical support/intervention only after nonphysical attempts at prevention and de-escalation have proven insufficient. Physical support/intervention skills are temporary and only to be used to provide safety. In the case of a supportive technique, the risk to safety is that the person is struggling with balance. The supportive skill mitigates this risk by utilizing the staff member’s stance and balance to support the person who is struggling with balance. Restrictive physical skills are used to interrupt dangerous behavior for a brief period of time to provide safety and to buy time to allow for de-escalation efforts to work. The physical skill must work in conjunction with nonphysical de-escalation skills. As soon as the need for protection subsides, any physical skill should be discontinued.

Can I train participants from outside my organization in the Mandt System program?

Yes! Unlike many vendors, the Mandt System does not seek to restrict organizations with active Mandt Certified Instructors from delivering our “student level” proprietary content to outside individuals or organizations. Certified instructors may deliver outside training by signing up to join our Mandt Student Academy. Contact us to request more information.

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