Course Description

At The Mandt System®, our ultimate goal is to help you create and maintain a safe environment for your staff and those you work with. While we work hard to reduce, if not eliminate, the need for restrictive practices in every organization we work with, we know disruptive behavior will sometimes require physical intervention.

The Mandt System Shield and Pad Program is an additional solution to protect your staff and the people you serve while decreasing the risk of injuries. We’re confident that this new program will help reduce the need for physical intervention and help build and maintain stronger relationships.

Requirements & Cost

  • The Shield and Pad Certification is an add on to an instructor’s existing RCT or Advanced certification. New instructors must complete RCT as a prerequisite.
  • The Shield and Pad certification is an add on to the instructor’s existing certification date and does not change their expiration date.

Who It’s For

Individuals who work with people who may have a risk of displaying aggressive behavior toward themselves or others.

The Mandt System® Shield & Pad Program

This half-day course provides instruction for an individual to use equipment to protect themselves and those in their care without the use of restraints. Individuals learn how to employ shield equipment for personal protection and learn how to employ pad equipment to protect others who engage in self-injurious behavior.