Our Approach

When working with a new healthcare organization, our first priority is to determine your organization’s unique needs. We believe that every person in the healthcare industry plays an important role in crisis prevention and de-escalation. That’s why we offer a holistic approach that supports staff, managers, administrators, and leadership—all in their respective roles. We realize that no two people or environments are the same, so we focus on meeting you where you are in the organization.

We’ve spent 48 years helping healthcare providers like you learn how to support people, not just their behaviors™. Our ultimate goal is to help you learn proven, evidence-based techniques for conflict resolution and de-escalation skills to prevent violence and maintain safety in the workplace.

How We Serve the Health Services Industry

The Mandt System serves healthcare professionals by helping you learn the essential skills of building and maintaining positive relationships. This foundational skill will help you better understand how to provide emotional, psychological, and physical safety for every person in your workplace. We strive to help you create a space where everyone feels safe and supported. We achieve this by helping you build relationships, learning to control your emotions, preparing to de-escalate incidents, managing your behavior, and responding to everyone with dignity and respect.

How The Mandt System Can Help with Risk Management

When we partner with a healthcare organization, we provide evidence-based tools and de-escalation techniques to help you maintain organizational safety and reduce the risk of staff injuries. With The Mandt System’s customizable approach, you can train staff in skills specific to their role. This saves time and money by ensuring effective and efficient training for your staff. After completing The Mandt System courses, and depending on their level of training, your staff will have the ability to:

  • Communicate through conflict and understand conflict cycles 
  • Use verbal de-escalation techniques, 
  • Manage violence and aggression with the use of avoidance, redirection, and blocking techniques, 
  • Protect themselves from choking/strangulation attacks,
  • Utilize “loose” and “secure” holding positions, 
  • Use protective moments and positions when being attacked on the ground,
  • Much more. 

The Mandt System stands apart from other crisis prevention and de-escalation programs by focusing on staff-to-staff relationships as well as staff-to-patient relationships. By incorporating positive behavior support and trauma-informed practices, we can help establish healthy relationships and healthy communication skills. By approaching this through the lens of support and empowerment, as opposed to coercion and control, you can create a healthier environment for patients and staff at your healthcare facility or practice.

Practice-Based Evidence from Healthcare Professionals

The Mandt System has a proven record of success in healthcare facilities throughout the country. In a Pennsylvania State Hospital System, The Mandt System was implemented in 2013 and found that instances of physical restraint decreased from 2.62 uses per 1,000 to just 2.02 in 2020. An East Mississippi State Hospital also found that The Mandt System contributed to an overall decrease in restraint episodes and improved the staff’s ability to manage aggressive behavior safely. These cases are just a few examples of how The Mandt System can help create healthy relationships and safe work environments for patients and staff. 

How Our Crisis Prevention and De-escalation Training Works

When you work with The Mandt System to provide training for your healthcare organization, you can rest assured that we will support you every step of the way. Our staff is thoroughly trained to answer any questions or concerns and help you implement The Mandt System concepts into your workplace. 

When you have made the decision to implement The Mandt System, you can easily find and register for in-person training classes. If your organization requires training for a group of instructors, we invite you to contact us for information about our on-site training options.

To complete crisis-prevention and de-escalation training, follow these simple steps:

#1 Register

Easily register your organization for an in-person training class in a nearby city or contact us to schedule an on-site training course.

#2 Training 

During your training program, you will designate a key member of your team to undergo our train-the-trainer method to become a certified Mandt instructor for your team. Once fully trained, your Mandt instructor will lead your team’s training and become your resource for all future Mandt training. They will continually receive updated materials and will routinely connect with our experts to ensure their skills remain current. 

#3 Your Instructor Begins Training Your Team

By becoming a certified Mandt instructor, they will be able to train your team using our proven practices while incorporating your organization’s policies. This approach ensures that your training is consistent and will contribute to your organization’s ongoing accountability in creating safe environments. 

Keep Your Facility Safe

Healthcare facilities play an essential role in our society. It is crucial for healthcare professionals to have access to training and tools that will not only keep themselves safe but also ensure the safety of those they serve. From behavioral management methods to safely performing restraints, we strive to give your team the skills to handle any situation safely. The Mandt System is dedicated to providing thorough training for our research-based approach to creating safe environments.

The Mandt System is designed by industry experts to help your staff implement de-escalation and crisis prevention techniques that will foster a safe and supportive environment. We strive to help you create a healthcare facility where individuals can say, “With these people and in this place, I feel safe™.”

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