We understand that modern families are faced with increasingly hectic schedules, juggling school, sports, extracurricular activities, work, and more. Recognizing the need to cater to these busy lifestyles and ensure accessibility for families everywhere, we have designed the Mandt for Families course to be entirely online, mobile-friendly, and time-efficient, taking only 120 minutes to complete.

Throughout the course, families will delve into the Relational Chapters of The Mandt System, which serve as the cornerstone and guiding principles. Whether you are a caregiver or a family member, we will equip you with the necessary tools to cultivate stable and healthy relationships with your loved ones, enabling significant strides toward positive transformation. By establishing a solid foundation rooted in self-control and trust, Mandt for Families will create an environment within your household where everyone can confidently say, “In this place, and with these people, I feel safe.™”

Our Approach—The Mandt System Training

In a world where external environments such as work, school, and public places can be unpredictable, our homes hold a special significance as our sanctuary and the place where we should feel safest. However, it is inevitable that conflicts will arise, even among loved ones. When emotions run high, the potential for unpredictable behaviors also increases. That’s why Mandt for Families guides participants through our Relational Chapters, to empower family members to acknowledge their feelings and make conscious choices about their behavior.

By immersing yourselves in The Mandt System Training, your family will learn valuable skills to prevent challenging behaviors and effectively de-escalate conflicts. Together, you will build a home that prioritizes safety and promotes the overall well-being of parents, siblings, caregivers, and extended family members.

Establish and Maintain Healthy Relationships with Crisis Prevention and De-escalation Techniques

Mandt for Families encompasses the initial three chapters of The Mandt System Training, known as the Relational Level. These chapters are characterized by their clarity, conciseness, and ease of comprehension, making the program highly beneficial for all families.

The Relational Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Building Healthy Relationships
    • This chapter covers foundational beliefs, working as a team, handling emotions, our stressors, and the crisis cycle.
  • Chapter 2: Building Healthy Communication
  • Chapter 3: Building Healthy Conflict Resolution
    • This chapter covers learning problem-solving techniques and communicating through problem-solving.

Training Within Your Family

Young teen son at the kitchen table doing homework with help from his Dad and Mom.

At The Mandt System, we understand the intricate dynamics and nuances of relationships within a household, recognizing that each individual has a unique role. Our training recognizes the unique significance of parents, caregivers, siblings, and extended family members. By fostering positive interactions among all family members, Mandt for Families offers a people-centered and values-based approach, focusing on cultivating healthy relationships, effective communication, and constructive conflict resolution.

Mandt for Families empowers parents, siblings, and extended family to replace old behaviors that may pose challenges with new behaviors that support and uplift family members, fostering a sense of safety in their relationships. When individuals feel safe, they are more likely to embrace a healthy lifestyle, fostering habits that promote personal growth, learning, play, and work.

How Mandt for Families Can Benefit Your Family

The Mandt for Families program offers significant advantages for families seeking to enhance their de-escalation skills and promote healthy relationships. Participants can conveniently complete the program from the comfort of their own homes, at their preferred time, and their own pace. By delivering training online, we aim to alleviate concerns about attending in-person sessions and arranging childcare, easing the burden on parents.

Mandt for Families encourages your family to actively engage in a transformative journey of learning, growth, and healing. Our program aims to strengthen families, equipping them with the tools to cultivate healthy relationships within their immediate family unit and with external service providers.

The Benefits of Mandt for Families for Organizations 

Organizations can further enhance their services by incorporating Mandt for Families into their services, extending valuable skills to the families of those they care for. This collaborative approach creates a supportive community and promotes continuity of care for the individuals being served. Additionally, this program is beneficial for organizations seeking a comprehensive curriculum that includes families in the language and learning process, fostering a holistic approach to service provision. By establishing a shared language and understanding between service providers and families, it becomes possible to achieve better outcomes as the standard practice.

How To Implement Practice-Based, Trauma-Informed Crisis Prevention Training In Your Home

  1. Purchase the Mandt for Families course – Or if you still have questions feel free to reach out with any questions about The Mandt System or Mandt for Families. Our knowledgeable experts are available to provide you with comprehensive information about our services, training programs, and chapters, ensuring that all your questions are addressed.
  2. Work at Your Own Pace – With Mandt for Families, you have the flexibility to complete the training at your own pace, free from the pressure of deadlines. You can pause and resume the course whenever it suits you, and even go back to review previous material, ensuring a thorough understanding of the key takeaways.
  3. Create a Healthier Home – For over 48 years, The Mandt System has been dedicated to promoting healthy relationships, enhancing behavior management, and fostering a safe environment in Education Services, Healthcare Services, Human Services, and Juvenile Justice Services. Now, your family can access the same professional resources that utilize a positive behavior support approach and cultivate safe and respectful behaviors conveniently through online platforms.

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