Crisis Prevention Training in the Classroom

Students and teachers spend all day in the classroom. Although a school is not always a high-risk setting, difficult situations happen, and it’s essential to address any potential trauma or conflict. Crisis prevention training is the first step to keeping staff and students safe and sound. Plus, you’ll achieve safe classroom environments more efficiently with the consistent implementation of de-escalation intervention and positive behavior support concepts.

One of the main functions of The Mandt System is to ensure trauma-informed training measures are implemented in a way that doesn’t compromise the safety of anyone involved. The ultimate goal of our programs is to create future classrooms where restrictive practices are minimized, and schools can evolve into an environment where prevention and de-escalation are the foundation that builds a safe and healthy school life. The Mandt System does all of this while addressing two major barriers for schools—training time and budget. 

Teaching Trauma-Informed Crisis  Prevention Tools in the Classroom

The Mandt System understands that time and money are precious in every situation, but especially in education. We carefully structure our programs and fees with that in mind to best meet your needs.

We’ll meet your school where you’re at. Learning to de-escalate situations  shouldn’t take up unnecessary time or become a bureaucratic exercise. We understand that schools can’t afford to pull teachers out of the classroom for extended periods of time. With our train-the-trainer approach, your team can learn to handle difficult situations in a time-sensitive way.

Your budget is also an important part of our program structure. The Mandt System never charges a fee for staff training. We want your entire team to have the necessary tools to provide a culture where everyone can feel and stay safe. 

What Is Involved in Trauma-Informed Crisis Prevention Training?

The Mandt System equips your trainers with the concepts necessary to prevent and de-escalate situations that interrupt classroom learning. Here are three reasons why it may help—and be of utmost benefit—in a school setting: 

#1. Easy Implementation of the Program

The Mandt System takes your current practices and develops them further. Our program is easy to implement, playing off of logical core principles present in your school. Teachers and staff will gain confidence through consistent use. We make it simple and easy to do. 

#2. We Work with Your Schedule

Juggling schedules for staff and teachers to implement a program is no small task. Our train-the-trainer approach means you have full control over staff training. We offer flexible delivery of our program throughout the school year to your individual trainers. You can then choose the dates and time slots that work best for your teachers and staff, and your certified trainers can pass on their knowledge. Our goal is to accommodate you.

#3. Our Core Principles

The Mandt System trauma-informed, conflict de-escalation training program is built on five fundamental principles which inform your day-to-day crisis prevention:

  • Remain calm.
  • Be consistent.
  • Make the routines sustainable.
  • Practice scripted interventions focusing on the best conduct.
  • Use restorative approaches.

How Our Trauma and Crisis De-Escalation Training Works

Throughout the training, we are also here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Our trained staff will set your mind at ease and help you every step of the way.

Once you are satisfied and ready to enroll in our program, it’s an easy online process. Your instructors can simply search on our website for nearby in-person classes and sign up for the one that works best. We also offer eLearning options for instructors to use with their staff to reduce training time. If your educational organization is looking to train a group of instructors, contact us to learn more about onsite training options.

Take these simple steps to get started with our essential school crisis prevention and de-escalation training programs:

#1. Register

Easily register for a qualified class instructor near you, or call us to schedule a safety training course for your group of selected staff members.

#2. Training

Your staff and teachers will receive training in areas of crisis, conflict, and trauma de-escalation and intervention. You choose a key member of your team to be trained. Once fully trained, they become certified to train others in your school. The certified Mandt instructor will continue to receive updated material and ongoing consultation to keep their skills current.

#3. Your Instructor Starts Training Others in Your School

As a certified instructor, you can now train your staff. By combining the policies of your school and our proven practices, we ensure that your training—and the training of your staff—are consistent throughout the entire organization.

Keep Your School Safe

Education and schools play a vital role in society. Working with professionals to deliver excellent de-escalation and crisis prevention safety programs that focus on trauma-informed training helps make schools an even safer environment for learning. Your educational setting should be a place where everyone can say, “With these people, and in this place, I feel safe™.”

It’s essential for school staff and teachers to have training that helps them create a trauma-informed culture within the school system. If restraint is used within your specific school system, it’s necessary that staff understand the safest and most appropriate methods. Everyone should have the opportunity to make the most out of their educational experience. Part of this is being equipped to avoid potential physical or emotional risks. In our safety training program, The Mandt System’s team of de-escalation experts has developed a unique approach to establishing safe classroom environments.

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