Wherever we share cost information for training programs, you can be assured that we do not charge extra for the resources required to deliver this training. All resources are provided FREE on DVD and Online for the required transfer of training and learning to your direct service professionals.

The Mandt System has only increased its pricing when it has been absolutely necessary to cover inflation and production expense demands. Prices will increase on January 1, 2016, by 2.5% on all products except Blended Learning. If you register for a 2016 event by December 31, 2015, you will receive the 2015 price.

Relational Level (R) (does not include physical techniques)

  • Chapter 1 – Building Healthy Relationships
  • Chapter 2 – Building Healthy Communication
  • Chapter 3 – Building Healthy Conflict Resolution

Attendance is required on Monday and Tuesday (MT) of the 5 day RCT Event

New $795.00 ( MT ) | Re cert $580.00 ( MT ) | Expired $650.00 ( MT )

Relational/Conceptual Level (RC) (does not include physical techniques)

Includes all chapters from Relational Level plus:

  • Chapter 4 – Trauma Informed Services
  • Chapter 5 – Positive Behavior Support
  • Chapter 6 – Liability and Legal Issues
  • Chapter 7 – Medical Risk Factors

Attendance is required on Monday,Tuesday and/or Wednesday (M-W) of the 5 day RCT Event as designated below

New $1,155.00 ( MTW ) | Re cert $900.00 ( MTW ) | Expired $1,015.00 ( MTW )

Relational/Conceptual/Technical Level (RCT) (includes physical techniques)

Includes all Chapters from Relational and Conceptual Levels plus:

  • Chapter 8 – Assisting and Supporting Skills
  • Chapter 9 – Separating Skills
  • Chapter 10 Restraining Skills – Standing

Attendance is required on Monday through Friday (MTWThF) of the 5 day RCT Event as designated below

New $1,505.00 ( MTWThF ) | Recert $1,135.00 ( TWTh ) | Expired $1,345.00 ( MTWThF )

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Relational/Conceptual/Technical/Advanced Level

Includes all of the Relational/Conceptual/Technical Re certification plus:

Click here for outline of Advanced Technical Program

New $2,155.00 | Re cert $1,680.00 | Expired $2,080.00

Attendance for all Advance training is ( MTWTh )

You must be certified as a Technical Level trainer, and have taught to the Technical Level twice before continuing to the Advanced Level training.


Supporting People with Complex Behavioral Challenges

1-day learning event   $180.00 per person


Supporting Successful Leadership

2-day program    $525.00 per person

3-day program    $715.00 per person


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