Team Centered Approach

The Mandt System is a team centered approach to de-escalation training with the ultimate goal being to reduce the potential of

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Dignity & Respect

This past week I had a mechanic friend show me the correct way to use a 'Torque Wrench'. For those that don't know, a torque

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Using 2 Languages…

De-escalation training and Positive Behavior Support in everyday life The philosophy of The Mandt System since 1975 has been

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Relationship In-Action

I have a neighbor who recently experienced the unexpected loss of a friend.  Her reaction to this loss struck me as

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Elements of Positive Behavior Support

At The Mandt System, we strive to offer a holistic approach to supporting people, whether they be adults or children. Our

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On The Road Again…

I never imagined when I started my first part time position as a direct support professional in 1993 that I would still be

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Relationships Matter

This past week Dr.Brene Brown shared the following quote and link on her LinkedIn feed and featured in one of her ‘Dare to

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The Anxiety Bush

I recently had a student in a train the trainer session who had high test anxiety.  I’m sure we have all met someone with

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Care Virus 2020

With all the news and impact of the current Covid-19 infection it has been fascinating to observe how different countries and

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