Team Centered Approach

The Mandt System is a team centered approach to de-escalation training with the ultimate goal being to reduce the potential of people harming themselves or harming others. There are lots of different situations that may cause a person to harm themselves or harm others – it could be that the dangerous behavior is the result of a psychotic break; it could be the result of a trigger related to trauma history; or, it could be the result of a person feeling quite unsafe in the moment. Regardless of the cause, Mandt encourages caregivers to respond in a way that continues to treat the person with respect and dignity.

We provide training specific to positive behavior support that allows people to learn social, behavioral, and emotional skills to live, work, and play in ways that don’t cause harm to themselves and/or others. The training regarding positive behavior intervention support also allows caregivers to create environments that feel safer, more engaging, and supportive to the people served. All of this lends itself to people being able to feel more safe.

We focus on building healthy relationships within the team (caregiver to person served as well as staff to staff) by enhancing our communication skills and understanding the role that conflict plays within our relationships. We believe that having healthy relationships will reduce the need for physical interventions in an effort to keep people safe.

The training options that we have include a 2-day certification for people wanting to learn more about our Relational Chapters focusing on (1) Healthy Relationships; (2) Communication; and, (3) Conflict Resolution (including conflict resolution steps). We also have a 4-day certification for people needing additional strategies that our Technical Chapters offer, focusing on (6) Supporting; (7) Releasing; and, (8) Restraining. Chapter 4 (Trauma Informed Training) and Chapter 5 (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) are also available through our eLearning platform. There are also online (virtual) options available to some people.

Please reach out to The Mandt System to discuss how our training may benefit your agency, your staff, and the people you serve. We may be reached at or by calling us at (800) 810-0755. We’d love to hear from you to discuss how The Mandt System training might benefit your agency.

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