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Continuing with the theme of last month’s blog about change, as we have been developing the new 3.0 curriculum, I have been thinking about the ways in which we’re working to make the material and our systems as flexible and adaptable as we can while still maintaining our standards.

I found the following statement on The University or Manchester’s website:

“Adaptability often implies anticipating and planning ahead to allow for contingencies, while flexibility can be more immediate and situational, often with a need to accommodate others.” 

I think this statement speaks to our goals with the changes we are making in the 3.0 curriculum. I know from my days of working as a DSP and manager in an organization that being flexible and adaptable are two of the most valuable characteristics of an employee. While we will never sacrifice our standards and values, we recognize as we are continually moving into new service sectors and teaching crisis prevention intervention training in schools, adult and youth programs, hospitals, juvenile detention facilities, etc. that we need to make The Mandt System as flexible and adaptable as we can to be able to meet the needs of the staff and people served in the organizations that use our program. This is why we have been listening to our customers to try and understand your specific needs.

We have for years worked with organizations to help them “connect the dots” to apply the concepts and skills taught in The Mandt System at all levels of the organizational, with leadership, staff and people served. As we continue to move forward, we are making improvements at all levels of the program. Not just the curriculum content, but our eLearning design and delivery system, instructor resources and administration portal, and some new supports and resources available directly to the staff certified in your organizations.

I won’t get into a lot of details now as we will be communicating these things as we build toward the release of Mandt 3.0. I’m excited for the changes that are coming as The Mandt System continues to adapt to the needs of the organizations who use our program with the goal of providing them the tools and flexibility they need to create environments where everyone can say “in this place and with these people, I feel safe.”

Doug ZehrVogt, Director of eLearning and Technology/Faculty

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