Reinventing for New Times

This past week was the one year anniversary of the Covid19 pandemic initial impacting on the Mandt System programme of classes and events.  A small team of us are together this week working on new program material and approach to the program for 2022 and beyond.  Many of the things that have impacted us in the past 12 months have been retained and shaped to support new training modalities and considerations going forward.

None of us in our small group would or could have predicted a year ago that we would be developing or offering a program in 2022 with the kind of flexibility, scope for adaptation or hybrid options that have come out of our pandemic experience.  I guess that the process of moving from surviving to thriving has a long history, not least as a response to public heath crisis.  For example, following the plague and great fire of London in 1666, town planners took a new and public health informed approach to city planning and sanitation.  This resulted in the ‘rebuilding of London Act 1667’ and different models of housing development and a radically altered direction of urban strategy.  Many of the elements employed at this time have and are retained in current urban planning over 300 years later.

Now I am not for a minute suggesting that Mandt System new approach for 2022 will not have this same profound impact industry wide,  but for our partnerships and long standing relationships we are excited to share some pretty seismic developments.  Over coming days, weeks and months we will be starting to share snippets for consultation and feedback.  We will appreciate any and all thoughts that you care to share so be on look out in instructor as well as social media communications.

Simon Kemp – CEO

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