What About After Class?

Even after 47 years in the Learning & Development industry it is unusual for an organization using the Mandt System De-Escalation Training Program to consider the training impact beyond the initial training event.  Though less occasionally, we will at times partner with a group that has a serious interest in evaluating the longer term impact of training and maybe, most importantly, the impact of sustained positive behavior change.

To encourage the adoption of a longer term training evaluation and impact methodology, let me share the 2 strand approach we employ as a framework for ROI (Return on Investment) assessment.

The first strand will be to determine the metrics against which success of the training implementation is to be measured.  This can be ‘Technical’ practice related such as ‘Number of Restraints’, Number of Exclusions’ (in the case of schools) etc.., or ‘Relational’ behavior related such as ‘Incidents requiring de-escalation’, ‘threats of aggression’, ‘positive redirection achieved’ etc….  Additionally, factors such as injuries to staff or injuries to service users, workers comp claims, days off related to behavior management can all be legitimate measurement points.

The second strand is about the Learning Transfer and Learning Retention as an underpinning to sustained positive behavior change (hopefully achieved).  Unlike strand one which can be underscored by a baseline data point, the second is more nebulous.  Some aspects can be measured (Learning Retention) by flash tests and quizzes at key stages. Other elements will be more nuanced toward perceptions, values, and attitudes as it relates to the effectiveness and appropriateness of the behavior management approach and how it plays to the overall Social and Emotional Learning Environment being attained.  Most likely, there is a tool asking learners about their confidence and comfort in the behavior management approach and the implementation of such being developed and used..

Key to most organizations is achieving a sustained and positive behavior change in line with the organizational mission and approach to managing situations that challenge.  If this is a long term goal for your organization and you would like to find out more about the Mandt System approach, feel free to contact us at info@mandtsystem.com

Simon Kemp – CEO

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