Kleenex, Hoover & Xerox!

What do Kleenex, Hoover & Xerox all share?

There are times when a particular brand become so synonymous with the product that the ‘Brand Name’ can start to be used to refer to the product.  This phenomenon is known as, ‘Anthimeria’ and is the process of a noun becoming a verb.  Kleenex, Hoover & Xerox are all companies where this has occurred and the public have widely adopted the term as generic to the action i.e., Xerox being used to mean photocopy something).

In our industry space of Workplace Safety Learning & Development, we sometimes see a similar thing happen when people use the name of a training company or training program as a verb to request products or services.  For example, we have on occasion been asked if we provide CPI training or NCI or MAPA training, even though they know they are talking to The Mandt System.  The mix up of company name with training program names is not that uncommon and usually a simple explanation that The Mandt System company only provides the Mandt System Training Program clears up any confusion and we are able to get on with sharing the unique approach and features of the Mandt Learning & Development approach.

Equally the reverse can happen.  For many decades the Mandt System program has been strongly associated with being a Trauma Informed, Positive Behavior Support focused curriculum that is committed  to reducing restrictive practices buy facebook followers.  As others in the industry have begun to incorporate such language and thinking into their program and approaches this has been pointed out to us by others as starting to sound a lot like Mandt.  They say that copying is a form of flattery so we are happy to take it that way, and truthfully if others are finally catching up to much that we have long believed to positively impact safety and wellbeing then we are going to celebrate that fact.

So, if you are looking for the ‘original’ evidence based, prevention and de-escalation focused program that believes in promoting the equal value and worth of staff and individuals served then we would be honored to share more with you about our approach.  Feel free to reach out to Mary@mandtsystem.com.

Simon Kemp – CEO

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