Dignity & Respect

This past week I had a mechanic friend show me the correct way to use a ‘Torque Wrench’. For those that don’t know, a torque wrench is, it is a tool designed to allow the operator to apply exactly the correct pressure or force to an item so as not to overload it with force beyond the tolerance it was designed to bear or withstand…

Well this got me to thinking. How often in our work or even personal relationships do we have to take things apart to effect a repair, replace a worn part etc…? Fairly frequently I would guess. Building Healthy Relationships and addressing conflict in the workplace often require a process that amounts to the repair and renewal process I describe in the above. Doing this in a way that maintains Dignity and Respect for those involved can be a challenge. I can often be found cursing and shouting at a car part I am trying to wrestle lose or reassemble…

How cool would it be too have the equivalent of a torque wrench that we could use to always give ourselves the best chance of apply exactly the right amount of force, or energy to meet the tolerances that the situation or individual can bear. Well guess what, the Relational Chapters of the Mandt System are the Bentley Guide, or if you are from the UK like me the Haynes Guide to applying a positive behavior support approach to relationships and conflict.

So in order to find the ‘torque settings’ that are correct for your unique situations and circumstances contact info@mandtsystem to find out more. The Relational Chapters are even available for families as well as professionals which each getting their own individual focused learning track.

Simon – CEO

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