De-Escalation Training – It’s A Game Changer!

It’s always interesting to meet new Instructors that believe the training they are about to receive is very specific to “restraint training.” As we dive into the material and folks start to realize that Mandt is much more about being proactive and preventative, they often wonder if this approach will actually be effective.

It is especially cool when, in those same workshops, there is a former skeptic that has been able to see just how much of an impact The Mandt System has had in their work environment. When we consistently treat people with dignity and respect, it can be a game changer. When folks feel safe in the environments where they live, work, and play – it can be a game changer. When people are working with professionals have trauma informed care training – it can be a game changer. When organizations have been able to create a corporate culture that utilizes positive behavior supports – it can be a game changer. Conflict resolution training? Game changer! So much of the curriculum that is offered at various levels of The Mandt System training will allow staff to be more proactive and preventative, with the ultimate goal being able to reduce the use of physical interventions to keep situations safe.

We often say that belief is the basis of behavior. This means that what staff believe will lead to how they behave. A person’s philosophy and attitude guides responses to situations that arise. If staff do not believe that the approaches that The Mandt System advocates will be effective, their attitude will then impact the way that they respond and most likely they will be unsuccessful in de-escalating the situation. It’s almost a self fulfilling prophecy. If staff don’t believe it will work, it likely will not. However, if staff are open to the change and “buy in” to the core concepts, they are more likely to see success. The success will reinforce the fact that this approach might actually work. And guess what? That’s a game changer!

The Mandt System would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our training might positively impact the people you serve. Give us a call at (800) 810-0755 for more information. We’re always here to assist you.

Nikki Wince – Faculty Supervisor

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