Listening to our Partners

One of the cornerstones of The Mandt System philosophy is the idea that behavior does not happen in isolation.  We build and maintain our relationships, we choose our behaviors, within the context of countless circumstances and conditions in our workplaces.
Throughout 2023 and before, we were hearing informally about new levels of workplace challenge from certified instructors. Hoping to learn more we organized a series of focus groups in the third quarter of 2023. Our hope was to understand the nature of the challenges more deeply and also get a better idea of the breadth of the challenges. We gained many valuable perspectives and surprising insights.

 The process taught us a great deal, and the insights we gained are having an immediate impact on our development of the next generation of The Mandt System’s program.   We have decided to formalize the process of listening to you  by forming The Mandt Customer Council. We want to hear from you directly about the trends and challenges emerging in your organizations and among the people you serve.

Before the end of March certified instructors will be receiving an email regarding participation in the The Mandt Customer Council. As we develop more specifics, we will communicate what we learn both to our internal team as we work to better serve your needs, and also back to our certified instructors.

We will have more to share about this development as the year progresses, and hope to be convening the first meetings of the council before the end of the second quarter of 2024.

Ralph Metzner – Chief Innovation Officer

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