Starting The New Season

So for many of us this this past week and the coming week see our Kids returning to school and college, and marks the transition from Summer into the Autumn months of warm days and cooler nights.  We in the Mandt System are also in a transition process as we get ready to share our new 2022 material with our partners across North America and overseas.

We believe growth and change are necessary for continued improvement. In 2022 the Mandt System will introduce an improved Program of Crisis Prevention, De-escalation Training and Restraint Reduction.  We believe this program delivers on our promise of change and growth, and we are proud to share it with you.

Over the last two years, our Content Development, Instructional Design, Technical Curriculum and Innovation experts have been creating an improved learning experience for certified Mandt instructors and students. Our team of experts started with a top-to-bottom review of all Mandt content. Next the team enhanced our existing content with current best practices, the latest industry research, and the principles of evidence-based design for effective learning transfer. The newly designed content retains the Mandt Learning Framework that our customers are familiar with and confident in with the following improvements:

  • The Relational Chapters have been tailored to specific industry sectors
  • The Positive Behavior Support Chapter has been rewritten by a credentialed industry expert
  • The Trauma Informed Services Chapter has been rewritten with input from a credentialed industry expert
  • The Technical Chapters have been restructured with a more flexible flow
  • Optional instruction for physical intervention with smaller children have been added to the Technical Chapters

We are also adding new products to our list of offerings, including:

  • Innovative Augmented Reality (AR) learning tools to increase learning transfer
  • An interactive eBook to support a sustainable, paperless approach
  • An improved eLearning user experience on a new platform
  • Updated eLearning products meeting industry standards in adult learning theory, providing unique flexibility to meet the challenges of possible ongoing pandemic waves 

We have built and tested these learning tools with a cohort of partners across all of our industry sectors, as well as learning and feedback from our network of certified instructors. 

Existing customers of the Mandt System know we do not regularly increase our certification cost unless we increase the value we provide to certified instructors and their students. The new program offerings coming out for 2022 represent that level of value. To see the current cost of RCT Certification click on the Programs & Pricing tab on the Mandt Website Homepage at New pricing will be published in the coming few weeks.

As always, purchasing program materials is your option, rather than our requirement. The new 2022 materials continue to be included with our certification. You can train as widely within your organization as necessary with no additional cost. Learning options such as eBooks, Augmented Reality and eLearning options can be purchased as you need them. Our eLearning products, workbooks and online testing will see a slight increase of 15%. 

Our focus throughout the development of these new learning tools was to make the learning experience for certified instructors and students more engaging and efficient. At the same time, we listened, to you, so that the Mandt System could help you and your organization respond to challenges by finding opportunity, so that everybody can say, “In this place, with these people, I feel safe.”

Simon Kemp – CEO

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