Commitment to Efficiency and Flexibility

This week many of the Mandt System Faculty team will be meeting in Chicago to catch up, refresh Instructional skills and plan for the coming year.  A major point of discussion will be, “How to meet the growing demand to deliver learning efficiently and with greater flexibility”. 

Since the Covid pandemic organizations training Mandt’s Prevention and De-escalation programs have been asking for greater flexibility and creativity in how they deliver courses.  Requests to reduce eLearning program time, hybrid options and micro learning opportunities are increasingly commonplace.

We at The Mandt System are totally committed to creating learning pathways that are flexible and responsive to the learning needs of organizations serving diverse and dispersed workforces.  What we cannot and do not support is a reduction in certification or practice standards that could make our partner organizations and those they serve, less safe. 

We certainly encourage certified instructors to adapt Mandt programs to the needs and circumstances their organizations face. However, when hear about training providers significantly increasing physical skills class sizes, above Mandt standards, we become concerned about the class size capacity for teaching physical skills above the standard norm for safety and effectiveness of the learning. We understand these decisions are driven by the need for greater efficiency controlling costs, those sorts of adaptations jeopardize the ability of all concerned to say, “In this place, and with these people, I feel safe.”

In 2023 you can expect to see new and innovative learning approaches and instructional pathways providing greater flexibility and expanded efficiency. Rest assured these new approaches will retain and strengthen our commitment to producing Trauma Informed and Positive Behavior Support learning assets.  We will never advocate or allow  an erosion of our certification and practice standards!  Our commitment to creating healthy and safe workplaces remains Rock Solid.

Happy Holidays All.

Simon – CEO

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