In 1975 David Mandt Sr. was asked to design a systematic training program for the staff at residential facilities supporting people affected by intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and mental health, as well as for the staff at community mental health centers. The development and subsequent evolution and refinement of The Mandt System® programs have resulted in effective and affordable training using graded alternatives that can be used by any facility or agency, including those likely to encounter the problem of aggressive or uncooperative behavior among its people.

The Mandt System team utilizes two key strands to build and maintain our relationships with organizations that partner with us.

The first of these strands is the Customer Care and Partnership Support team with whom you will engage through the process of discussing your learning and development needs as well as the services and supports we offer to meet those needs.

The second strand is the Training Faculty and Implementation team who will support you through the design, integration and delivery phases of implementation as well as providing ongoing workplace support and impact evaluation.

The Training Faculty is able to draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience of a diverse body of professionally qualified (Through Educational Degrees and Certifications) instructors and experts to create the best match in meeting your unique organizational and service user needs.  Our Training Faculty currently represents but is not limited to professional fields of; Education, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, Social Work, Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury, Security & Corrections, Management and Psychology.

The Training Faculty additionally practice and serve on a range of national and international best practice and regulatory bodies and boards as well as maintaining a practitioner role when and wherever that is appropriate.

We are happy to provide expanded Biographical profiles for staff upon request.