Shawndre M. Jones

Correct Care Recovery Solutions (CCRS)

My name is Shawndre Jones and I am a clinical therapist for Correct Care Recovery Solutions (CCRS). The population I serve is severely mentally ill males in a forensic setting. There were many struggles with environmental issues as our company was trying to transition our facility from the department of correction into a privatized hospital. One of our biggest challenges was being reactive instead of proactive in potentially dangerous situations.

I was first introduced to Mandt in April 2017 and became a Mandt instructor in December 2017, an Advanced Mandt instructor in March 2018 and a Safety Enhanced instructor in April 2018. I am proud to say that CCRS saw the value in the Mandt system and provided me and other instructors with opportunities to receive additional trainings and knowledge to bring to our facilities.

My facility uses Mandt daily, every single staff member continuously uses de-escalation skills with our persons served. It is a great joy of mine to be able to be to guide new employees to do their job successfully as well as existing employees during re-certifications. As an instructor, it is invaluable to be receiving employee feedback of what does and doesn’t work for them in the Mandt system. I know I can only give them the tools of the Mandt system and then it is up to them to know which ones to use and to ensure they use them effectively.

Although, I have only been familiar with Mandt for the past 16 months, I have truly seen the program work in our very challenging facility. Mandt has shown me that de-escalation is an option even with the most acute populations versus just going hands on. The person served feel more safe knowing that they can be stabilized verbally instead of physically due to their own trauma history and the effects are less on staff to use their words instead of risking injury to themselves. Overall it is a win-win situation when Mandt is used successfully in our facility. Again, I am glad to say that I am a part of Mandt and the impact that I have seen firsthand.

Alisa Miner

Tri-Valley Developmental Services

I have been a Mandt Instructor for 5 years now. I am very proud at how our staff have implemented the Relational Chapters, as a company we have concrete numbers to show our successes. Through the hard work of our staff in building the relationship, the foundation for all work to be done, we have dropped 176 behavioral plans and two restraint plans. This leaves us with only one restraint plan for roughly 100 persons served.

Even our previous staff working in new facilities will tell us how they recommend the Mandt system for their new companies because of the success it produces and the way it humanizes everyone in the process. Our goal is to someday only need day one.

Ronald Malcolm

Lansing School District

We rarely have to use a restraint on any of our students. In fact, we would only use one in an effort to keep a student safe or from injuring themselves or others. We have found Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to work extremely well with our population who have autism. The Mandt System and its philosophy seems to go very well with ABA practices.

Tyler McCurdy

Mosaic Community Services, Inc.

MANDT provides learners an opportunity to think about clients as people, and to better understand the wonderful opportunity that we as staff have to shape the way that they think and feel about the world around them.

Dawn McLaughlin

Regional Residential Services Society

I’ve being using the Mandt System for over 12 years first as a front line staff and now as an instructor.  The reason I love working for my company is that the philosophy of relationship, person directed supports and kindness is top down.  This comes from the people I work with, but also from the Mandt mantra of relationship first.

Cathy Damen

Union Public Schools

I have been previously trained in two different systems designed to de-escalate situations with restraint training as a component of the system. I was not sure how the Mandt System would compare to the others I was familiar with. My initial concern was, how was the philosophy of the Mandt System going to work with my training as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). My instructor explained that he believed that the two would go hand- in- hand.

As the training progressed, I was pleasantly surprised that the two did just that. I have embraced the Mandt System as I train Special Education teachers, in working with students who are exhibiting “problem behaviors” in the classroom.

I believe that the Mandt System aligns with my beliefs and training on how individuals should be treated.

Karen Wood-Middleton
The Mandt System challenges you to take off your blinders and begin to value people and their contribution rather than react to a label or behavior. Building Relationships is the bridge from reaction to responding. I often challenge myself and others with the question..will this action make others feel safe in this place with these people. Our students need to be valued, have their needs met and feel safe, only then will they begin to risk the steps necessary to progress academically and socially.

Lana Pas
I feel that the Mandt System training program is essential for teachers working with students with special needs (diagnosed/undiagnosed). Special needs can range from oppositional defiant disorder to children with down syndrome. The relational tools (Maslow, Crisis Cycle, and R.A.D.A.R) were life changing when I began using them with my students. I am so excited to have been trained in a program that believes in dignity and respect for all, far before even thinking about restraint. This program has provided me and my school with such valuable tools to utilize to help de-escalate an individual. I’m thrilled to be a trainer and to teach others about this wonderful training program.


Brad Walker

Director of Operations, California Community Opportunities

For 23 years, the Mandt System remains the only relationship based crisis intervention training I’ve had. I am very familiar with other programs and have not found anything “out there” worthy of my time, professionally developing for my team or safe for the men and women we serve!

Anne Titus

AWS/Benchmark Human Services

AWS/Benchmark adopted the Mandt curriculum because it aligns with our philosophies that all people should be treated with dignity and respect.  Moving this belief from theory to practice means we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the people we serve feel in control of themselves and safe in their environment.   To that end, we minimize the use of restraints, with the Relational Mandt System providing a curriculum and process to assist us in accomplishing this goal.  We track our services carefully to understand how our processes are working, using detailed metrics that quantitatively validate the use of Mandt in serving people who formerly required regular use of restraints in their previous living environments.  This allows us know whether our processes are working and, more importantly, that we are treating the people we serve with the dignity and respect that they deserve.  The curriculum also allows us to be confident that should a restraint be required,  the restraint will be done in the safest manner possible for the individuals we serve and our staff.

We also appreciate that the curriculum continually focuses on building relationships, the foundation for treating others with dignity and respect and on maintaining safety.

Darlene Jewra

Vancouver Resource Society

I have been a proud instructor of CPI for many years. The staff have always loved the course and embraced the material. I have taught it with confidence, always loving and challenging staff attending. Learning the Mandt material has literally shaken my foundation. This needing to shake the foundation of the staff, whom I have taught,and trust me. Mind-blowing techniques of Mandt such as, quick touch, hold not grab, going in close for safety and balance, the relax (is brilliant) the ‘excuse the touch’. These and many more things I have learned in this one week course is mind bending and awesome! The benefits to staff, clients, witnesses, etc. is priceless. I wish I could let all agencies and school districts know how much they are missing, how psychologically supportive intervention can be, and how non-threatening, physically and safe, and respectful crisis support.

Jeff Baker

ER, Charge Nurse, Mercy Health System

I have been a charge nurse in the Emergency Room at Mercy for 18 years on the evening shift. Been training MANDT for 8 years. The benefits we see in the emergency room is that we now have a systematic approach when interacting with the mental ill and in dealing with families in a crisis. Prior to using MANDT a lot of the staff used “whatever means necessary” to control the person and not deal with the behaviors. I use MANDT every single day of my life. Dealing with my spouse, 4 yr old, 7 yr old, and at the Dubuque county jail where i work part-time. Even with inmates I use MANDT and it helps to gain their respect instead of using physical force. I will be the first to admit I was skeptical of MANDT being that I am a 6’3″ 285# Powerlifter and Rugby player. But the first time I was certified in MANDT and applied the concepts I learned, I found that I don’t need to use physical force at all. It has been years since I have had to put someone in restraints. This hospital trains everyone from managers of department, security, plant engineering, nursing staff, unit secretaries, admitting secretaries, and outpatient clinics. We also train several critical access hospitals within a 60 mile radius. Statistically, I can get you some numbers but I can safely tell you that we have reduced our patients in restraints by 60 -75 %.

Robin Strickland

Corridor Community Options Society

At the end of the last course (small group of 4 people) one of the staff said this was the one of the best courses that she has taken. We had some really good discussions with this group. Thanks again to MANDT.

Glenda Smith

Florida Care Properties, Inc.

We’ve used it (The Mandt System) for a long time and it’s the best system we’ve ever used. It’s the only system we’ve used that truly teaches treating people with dignity and respect in all situations.

Jennifer Lugen Lutz

Big Lakes Developmental Center, Inc.

I always enjoy talking with people about how I feel the Mandt System can benefit people in their professional and their personal lives. It is a program that works best when it is embraced by the participant. I am truly honored to be associated with such a great group of people. . . .

Lennie Jahn

Residential QHSPFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.

I deeply appreciate the Mandt System trainers’ and organization’s helpfulness in making your training system as understandable and memorable as possible. We have never regretted our decision to teach the Mandt System. Thank You.

Debbie Gibson Lee

Quality Assurance Director, Comprehensive Community Services, Inc.

I really like The Mandt System and its’ concept of teaching people the importance of building relationships and treating people with dignity and respect. And not just mentioning these concepts, it is the main focus of the program. I was actually a part of the curriculum review team for APD. While MANDT was not one of the curriculums I reviewed, it is the one I chose to use with my organization.

Trent Levins

Director of Operations,The Lighthouse II, Inc.

Thank you for your assistance and allowing me to teach this course to The Lighthouse employees. I have already been getting excellent reviews from my boss and employees. I have also notice a reduction in restraints and when they do occur they are much safer. We are on our way to meeting our goal of reducing restraints by 50% by next summer. I look forward to re-training in April 2012.

Wayne H. Harvey

Chief Operations Officer
, Independent Opportunities

“The Mandt system far surpassed even our own expectations in reducing our staff dependency on restraints in working with challenging people with developmental disabilities since we started utilizing the Mandt system in mid-year 2004. Our organization has a completely different philosophy in working with challenging situations that the Mandt system has contributed to substantially that has allowed us to flourish in regards to growth and stability for all those we serve.”

Randy Barela

Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department

I believe in the Mandt System and I brag about how well it works in our department here at Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center. Thank you, I had a great time in training.