As an individual working on the ‘Front Line’ of service delivery,  it often falls to you to search out and identify practice as well as professional development opportunities to manage some of the unique challenges you may encounter within your service setting.  In recognition of the minefield of information for you to search these days, we have tried to organize some of the most relevant and appropriate data to enable you to share with others about The Mandt System® program within your settings.

Hear the unique perspective of Tim, a member of the faculty of the Mandt System, Inc., who started using the program as a direct support professional and now uses the program as parent of a child affected by a disability, as well as teaching the program.

Feel free to contact us for further information.  We are always happy to talk with Direct Care Professionals in any and all service settings.

Hear a message from The Mandt System® SVP Program Development & International – Bob Bowen: