As we have partnered with organizational Administrators, Managers and Leadership over the years, we are continually increasing our understanding of the unique challenges faced in the selection, implementation and evaluation of teaching within staff teams.

This knowledge and the shared experience of partnering to implement training solutions, has led to the creation of this individual website segment.  It’s intention is to serve as a resource to the particular focus and outcome elements that are most likely to be of interest and value to you as an audience.

Elements such as Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Expectations (ROE), Cultures of Dignity & Respect, Benchmarking and Training Evaluation at Level 3 and 4  (as defined by Kirkpatrick )are all explored.

Wherever we share cost information for training programs, you can be assured that we do not charge extra for the resources required to deliver this training.   All resources are provided FREE on DVD and Online for the required transfer of training and learning to your direct service professionals.