One of the main goals of The Mandt System®, is to equip staff with the skills necessary to effectively manage a potentially negative or even dangerous situation, by first calming your emotional response and managing your own behavior so you can interact with other people positively.  We do this by teaching principles, not techniques, in all our programs.  Our principles fall under three main headings that are interdependent and interrelate – EXCELLENCE, EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS.


To excel at something is to have distinction, quality, and merit, according to the Thesaurus. The Mandt System® strives for excellence in the following ways:

We teach that all people have the right to be treated with Dignity and Respect at all times.  We believe this is a right one does not need to earn.  We do our best to excel at this in all our relationships.

  1.  Because of this commitment, we do our best to maintain Integrity in our Relationships and within the organization.  Our motto is “under-promise and then over-deliver.”  To be excellent at something includes following through!  The word we use to describe ourselves is “partner” instead of “vendor.”
  2. We maintain Fidelity to our vision through a constant effort to keep our eye on the goal.  In the field of Positive Behavior Support, the word “consistency” has been replaced with “fidelity” because as human beings it is hard to be consistent, even over a short period of time.  Fidelity means we give our best to the people with and for whom we work.
  3. Lifelong Learning Environments with all stakeholders is what we attempt to create in our training programs.  The training we provide is designed to be a dynamic tool that can help individuals to grow.  We encourage people to use The Mandt System® as a staff development tool, not just a staff training program.


  1. Practice Based Evidence is a term coined by Scott Miller, Ph.D.  He believes that the actual practice of human services should provide evidence of effectiveness, and that because human service programs work with human beings, what is effective with one person may not be effective with another.  Individualization is a key component in Practice Based Evidence.  We encourage and facilitate, but do not require, organizations to share data and outcomes with us that demonstrate the effectiveness of The Mandt System®.
  2. Research is a vital part of what we do as an organization.  Our faculty members have presented professional papers at workshops  across six continents worldwide. We are committed to working with other organizations around the world to increase the safety of all people.
  3. Through the research we do and in our training programs, we Maintain a Focus on Prevention.  For every hour we teach restraint, we spend 3 hours on prevention and 2 hours on de-escalation.  We believe, as do many others, that building healthy relationships in the workplace is the primary ingredient in a prevention strategy.
  4. Our secondary Focus is on De-escalation.  When we focus on de-escalation, we understand that escalation is an emotional process, requiring that de-escalation tools have emotional components.  People will not de-escalate, until they feel safe!
  5. The Safety of All People is paramount for us in The Mandt System®.  All people have an equal right to safety, we believe.  We encourage organizations to maintain data on safety and how The Mandt System® has helped to keep people safe.


  1. Efficiency is the word we use to describe our efforts to be good stewards of our resources and of the resources of the organizations who choose to use our programs.  Many of the members of the Training Faculty have held administrative, supervisory, and direct support positions in human service programs.  We know the stresses that accompany the provision of human services in times of tightening budgets.  Our commitment to Efficiency means we will use great care in determining how to structure our programs and fees.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI) is a term frequently used in business settings.  We see The Mandt System® as a way of lowering costs in other areas such as Worker’s Compensation, Staff Turnover and Training, and general improvements in satisfaction in the workplace.

Our pricing structures reflect our commitment to efficiency.  We do not charge for any of the tools needed to implement The Mandt System® in your organization, such as student manuals (workbooks), certificates, etc.

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