Individual and Organizational Consultation Services, Expert Witness Services

One of the services we can offer to our partners is access to the wealth of information, clinical skill, and organizational experience as consultants. The Mandt System, Inc. provides direct consultation on a client specific basis on request. We have provided this service for organizations across the nation. In almost all cases, the organizations were able to discontinue the use of manual restraint within 90 days, and were extremely satisfied with our work. References are available upon request.

All of the members of the Training Faculty have specialized experiences and a range of educational and real world backgrounds to assist almost any organization that uses The Mandt System®. The cost for this consultation service is $3,335.00 per day with a two day minimum. This is inclusive of all costs for travel, lodging, meals, etc.

Some of the members of the Training Faculty have also held senior administrative positions in human service settings, and are available to provide organizational consultation services to address specific areas of concern. A sample of an organizational consultation is available here. Costs for the organizational consultation are negotiated separately.

For more information on individual or organizational consultation services through The Mandt System, Inc., please contact Kevin Mandt at or by phone at (800) 810-0755.

At The Mandt System®, we have additional consultants who are independent contractors with our company. They are very open to providing independently contracted services and can be contacted via email at