Affirm your feelings and choose your behaviors

Over the multiple decades that The Mandt System,Inc has been partnering with staff teams and organizations around the globe there has been one constant experience to which we invariably return. That is that the perspective on how to meet the differing priority needs of safety for all constituents in an organization will never be fully aligned. Nor should that be a surprise, as people in different roles have different needs. One commonality though, is the need for safety. When all the stakeholders in an organization can say that “in this place and with these people, I feel safe™” then, and only then, can they begin the process of recovering from previous threats to their safety such as abuse, neglect, and the loneliness that pervades individuals served in human service programs.

Service Users will rightly have their own perspective about what safety means. Front line staff their, managers and administrators have their own unique perspectives on the emotional, physical, and psychological safety all people need. In recognition of this and to reflect on the legitimate lenses through which different parties will seek solutions, you will see the navigation of this site is organized to address the different perspectives of safety needs. When stress occurs, the normal responses to stress of flight or fight must be countered with an approach that validates that stress and teaches all people how to interact with each other with dignity and respect. The Mandt System® formula to achieve this is to promoto the concept of “affirm your feelings, and choose your behaviors™.” By using this approach, people can de-escalate themselves and find new ways to cooperate with each other in finding safety for all people.

This said we maintain and continue to promote a commitment toward Restraint Reduction and Restraint Elimination by achieving the ultimate goal of The Mandt System® – to build healthy relationships in the workplace between all people. Information, foundational principles, services and supports, programs and pricing etc.. are organized through the following portals

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Whilst these strands are organized to present our own and shared learning from users of The Mandt System(r), they are not intended to restrict your navigation through the full site.  So feel free to peruse as your interest takes you and as you will discover from the link at the foot of each page we are always open to additional feedback and learning to support us on our journey