Since the foundation of The Mandt System, Inc in 1975, the earliest advocates have represented a wide base of Practitioners within a range of diverse sectors.  What we have learned through our extended relationships with users of The Mandt System® program is that while human behavior can be characterized very similarly, the setting and context can vary greatly between what constitutes an appropriate responses in a classroom ‘versus’  hospital ‘versus’  group home environment.  For this reason we have chosen to honor the unique distinctions and sometime challenges of supporting individuals across such different landscapes by creating discrete segments  where information drawn from and most relevant to Education Professionals, Healthcare Professionals and Long Term Care Professionals can be accessed and informed (see clickable links to the right).  That said, we believe that many of the foundational elements of The Mandt System® program approach have equal value and relevance across traditional sectors and segments.  In particular we would petition that applying a Trauma Informed and Positive Behavior Support approach has utility and benefit for all.

Specialized Practice

Through the committment and dedication of individuals over the years The Mandt System® program has been implemented successfully across a range of specialist practice areas such as Juvenile Justice, Community Policing, Forensic & Secure Settings, Alzheimer’s and related Dementias to name a few.  Whilst we recognize that the Foundational Approaches we apply engage with treating all individuals with Dignity & Respect, we have limited expertise ourselves in some of these very specialized environments.  For that reason, we will connect you directly to other Professionals in your service sector who can answer your specific questions.  To access this option please contact us as

Voice of The Practitioner

Hear from Dr Margaret Delillo-Story a Mandt System Instructor and District Clinical Mental Health Counsellor in an OHIO school district share her experience in partnering with The Mandt System®