Humanity in Face of Cruelty

In 1974, Marina Abromovic displayed a powerful piece of performance art entitled “Rhythm 0” (Abramović, 2006). She placed

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Understanding Human Needs

In order to understand the management and resolution of human conflict, one must first understand human needs. Any de-escalation

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Coping Skills

Making changes is hard, especially when those changes involve behaviors that have been used over a long period of time to cope

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Trauma Informed Support & PBS

I’m writing this blog to really encourage all of our Instructors to consider completing the eLearning centered around The

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Dignity & Respect

Many of us that work for The Mandt System travel a great deal for our job. For the most part, this is an aspect of the job that

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De-escalation Training and Strategic/Tactical Safety Planning

Creating the safest possible work environment requires a good deal of planning.  This planning process requires strategic

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De-Escalation Training – It’s A Game Changer!

It’s always interesting to meet new Instructors that believe the training they are about to receive is very specific to

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Conflict Resolution Techniques

One of the most significant challenges that people face in their work is managing conflict, which is not surprising considering

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9 Chapters… 1 Mission

For those of you who have been long-time Instructors of The Mandt System program, you are well aware of all the topics that are

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