Since all Mandt courses are hands-on and competency based, all participants are required to participate actively and must demonstrate their skills at the completion of the program. When selecting people to become instructors, it is important to understand that they need some administrative time for scheduling of classrooms, scheduling of participants, reproducing student manuals, grading reviews, issuing certificates, etc. Prospective instructors should have good verbal skills, as well as good physical skills, in order to explain and physically demonstrate the physical portions of the course, and in order to make corrections and explain the reasons for them. After going through the Mandt instructor course, they will be certified for having successfully completed a Mandt Instructor Course.

If two or more personnel are trained as instructors, they should make every effort to teach as a team. We feel that team teaching is much more effective because it promotes more confidence in teaching ability and assures more thorough coverage of the material. The teaching ability is strengthened if the team consists of a man and a woman. Some individuals in the training group may relate better to a male figure, while others may relate better to a female.

Some of the requirements for potential Mandt System® instructors are:

Ability to present to small and medium sized groups (up to 20 people) through…

      • Demonstrated:
        • ability to treat others with dignity and respect
        • openness to personal growth and self evaluation
        • ability to read and write English at a functional level in human service settings
        • ability to encourage and motivate participants to learn and grow
        • empathy
        • self-confidence
        • good oral communication skills
        • ability to listen actively to others
        • ability to be a supportive member of a group and, when applicable, a supportive leader of a group
        • to build rapport with people
        • ability to provide correction in a positive and proactive manner
        • sense of humor
        • actively engage with students, seeking input,
        • openness to being questioned and on occasion, challenged
        • providing an emotionally and physically safe environment
        • positive attitude
        • open mindedness
        • willingness to learn
        • good observation skills
        • familiarity with the principles of adult learning

Ability to teach the physical concepts through…

      • Demonstrated:
        • physical coordination and skill
        • ability to maintain balance while moving
        • ability to maintain balance while being pushed or pulled
        • ability to lower self to a “half-squat” position, keeping back straight for a minimum of 15 seconds.
        • Cleared by Human Resources Department of the organization sending the prospective instructor with no restrictions or limitations for work.

Our training programs can be customized to fit your agency’s needs.  The Mandt System certification programs range from 2-4 days, depending on the level of training completed plus the Conceptual elearning portion online. We offer:

  • a 2-Day Relational Level Instructor Course

  • a 2-Day Relational/Conceptual Level Instructor Course with Conceptual Level through eLearning

  • A 4-Day Relational/Conceptual/Technical Level Instructor Course with Conceptual Level through eLearning (includes physical skills)

A certification workshop may consist of a single agency, or a combined workshop integrating the various disciplines from your general area (e.g., mental health centers, mental retardation centers, sheltered workshops, group homes, general hospitals, substance abuse centers, psychiatric hospitals, school districts, nursing homes, college or university security units, juvenile corrections units, sheriff departments, city and state police departments, or any group who has a need to know how to manage uncooperative or aggressive people or behavior).

During the 2 or 4-day competency-based training programs, prospective Instructors will learn how to present the Relational, the Relational/Conceptual, or the Relational/Conceptual/Technical Level Course. The presenter(s) will use all of the following: lecture, demonstration, hands-on participation, role-play, time for question and answer, and time for self study. The prospective Instructors will participate (in small groups) in practice teaching of the nonphysical and physical skills learned, so that when they return they will be ready to begin teaching.

After satisfactory completion of the 2-, 3-, or 4-day in-person program, the Conceptual level is completed online, the participants are certified for two years as instructors to train employees of the agency named on their instructor certificate; each new instructor is only authorized to teach those Mandt System courses expressly identified on his or her instructor certificate (i.e., Relational, Relational/Conceptual, or Relational/Conceptual/Technical) until the expiration date thereof. At the end of the first two years, and every two years thereafter, a 2 day (plus Conceptual online if applicable) recertification of instructors is required. The certified Mandt instructor will be providing on-going instruction for your existing personnel as well as for orientation of new employees.

Important: To become an Technical Advanced instructor, you must already be a currently certified Technical instructor, and you must have taught the physical skills in chapters 8, 9 and 10 at least twice prior to attending and be able to get up from the floor unassisted.