As practitioners of Positive Behavior Support, we know a great deal about changing the behavior of people affected by disabilities.  We know that reinforcement is much more effective than punishment, and we know that teaching replacement behaviors are required if people are going to learn new ways of using their behavior to accomplish their goals.

In spite of all this research, when it comes to addressing the behavior of staff, we use the same old behavior modification approaches that have not worked in the past, and will not work now.  Supporting Successful Leadership is a workshop that applies the principles taught in The Mandt System® to the tasks of management and supervision.   We have been teaching Supporting Successful Leadership in the United States and Canada since 2003, and here are some of the many comments we have received:

  • The activities designed to build “dream teams” were fabulous and I can’t wait to build our dream team when I get back!
  • As an administrator I have been through a number of different management trainings, and this workshop was by far the best of the bunch.  Being able to integrate it with what we already teach through The Mandt System is a welcome plus.
  • Before this I wasn’t sure how to present information, it has also helped me to understand personal style and how to work with other personality styles. It will really help me and has given me some useful pointers about how to work and manage a team
  • It highlighted to me the simplicity of a healthy relationship: building of trust, respect and validation, it doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • The activities we did really brought this workshop home for me.  Learning how to do teamwork under stressful conditions was an eye-opener and I am looking forward to using this program in my organization.
  • From a health services perspective, this can be used at all levels. We should all do it. People want to help; this would help get trust going in a team. People who are not working with clients directly don’t know what we do or understand our pressures and our wins, it is like we are invisible sometimes. Mandt can help us build that trust so that we can work even harder for the people we support
  • I’ve used the DISC before, and what Mandt taught me was to not only use this knowledge about personality conflicts with employees, it also has value in being used with our clients.  I can’t believe I never thought of their personalities before this.

The above quotes highlight the content of the Supporting Successful Leadership program, which:

  • Incorporates the concepts of trauma, positive behavior support and relationship building
  • Assesses personal work style using the DISC model, specifically developed for The Mandt System® by Mels Carbonnell, Ph.D., with content input from Mandt System® staff
  • Guides team development through structured activities
  • Explains how conflict develops and our preferred method of conflict resolution, using the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode instrument, the most widely used tool to assess conflict resolution styles in business settings
  • Supports the development of trusting relationships between staff so they can better support individuals served
  • Teaches how to use these tools to change organizational cultures to continually move away from coercion, consistent with Positive Behavior Support values

This workshop can be presented within an organization as a “closed workshop” or as an open workshop, inviting people from various organizations to not only learn Supporting Successful Leadership, but also learn from each other’s unique stresses and strengths.

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