Important: To become a Maximizing Mandt instructor, you be a certified Relational/Conceptual/ Technical instructor.

This one day Maximizing Mandt event will teach the skills in Chapter 11 of the Advanced course but not skills taught in Chapter 12 (the two day Advanced event). Instruction of skills such as IM injections, floor techniques, and lifting and carrying will continue to require attendance of the two day Advanced course.
The Maximizing Mandt Technical course will enhance the Relational, Conceptual and Technical skills. You will learn how to utilize these additional skills that will assist your staff in “connecting the dots”, to other volatile situations they may encounter. You will learn new skill sets that include the following:

Chapter 11: Maximizng Mandt Advanced Technical Skills

  • Advanced Stance, Balance, Movement, Mechanics, and Body Positioning:
    • Standing Moving In / Moving Away Skills
    • Punching Skills
  • Chocking Variations: Away from a Surface
    • One or two hand choke variations
    • Arm choke – standing & sitting positions
    • Headlock standing positions
    • Choking with an object
  • Weapons: Throwing/jabbing/swinging
    • Thrown objects
    • Jabbed objects
    • Swung objects
  • Working as a team 180° model

Course objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how to use non-physical and physical skills simultaneously to de-escalate violence and aggression in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate the basic skills necessary to teach the nonphysical and physical skills presented in the RCT and Advanced Chapter 11.
  • Identify how to “connect the dots” to empower participants to address specific situations involving physical aggression.
  • Delineate the “yes” questions to facilitate de-escalation.

Instructors can attend the one-day Maximizing Mandt event after they are certified at the RCT level. The course can be taken anytime during a valid RCT certification period. Certification in Maximizing Mandt lasts until the expiration of the instructor’s RCT certification. Instructors choosing this option will continue to attend RCT certification and recertification and attend the one-day to be able to teach the skills of chapter 11 previously listed.

The cost of the one-day Maximizing Mandt is $450.00 per person including all materials.

Class size is limited to 20 participants. A minimum of 10 participants is necessary to hold the event.

Organizations who wish to host this open event will receive one free participant.

An entity with several certified instructors can request an event solely for their organization at the cost of $6,000 (which includes all materials) and can send up to 20 instructors.

The primary benefit of Maximizing Mandt is the opportunity for entities to use real life workplace scenarios to learn how to “connect the dots” from the RCT course and utilize the newly learned skills. The goal of The Mandt System has, and will continue to be maintaining the safety of everyone non-physically. However, the added knowledge and experience on how to “connect the dots” (while continuing to avoid all prohibited practices), will increase the safety of everyone involved when physical interaction is deemed necessary.

Call Tim Geels at  1-800-810-0755 or 1-800-542-9633 if you are interested in hosting a Maximizing Mandt event.

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