Hierarchy, Status, & Aggression…

Human beings rely on group cooperation extensively as a means for survival.  Whenever groups form, whether formal or

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Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks…

I did a thing. I got contacts. I’m going to admit it.  I was cocky about this experience.  I’ve worn contact

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Who Are You?

Who Are You is an Album and its title song by The Who.  It is also, however, what I would like to ask anyone reading this

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Close Enough to Count

There is a statement I have heard all of my life that goes “close only counts in horseshoes and hand

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Thank You to the Worlds Calmers & Diffusers

Recently I have seen a meme floating around social media that shows two law enforcement officers smirking and the meme reads

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ALL People

If you follow The Mandt System at all, you know the underlying philosophy of the program is “All people have the right to be

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Roll With the Punches

Have you ever had one of those really challenging training events? You know the ones...the ones where everything that could go

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Had an off day?

Sooner or later, if you work in the training profession ,or any profession, really; you will inevitably experience an off

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Romantic Relationships & Sexuality

Writing this blog on Valentine’s Day reminded me of several recent workshops while talking about the needs of people in their

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