Like many of you, I woke on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 with a sense of somber responsibility. Each task that I completed was weighted with the gravity of a decision that I was loathe to make. I’ve been faced with this decision before, so it’s not completely new to me, but still. What to do?

There were many things to consider – I needed to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of my choices and come to a final decision. I don’t know about you, but it seems everyone has an opinion and they certainly aren’t shy about sharing. But this is a very personal decision to make.

I drove into the parking lot and I parked my car. Like many of my friends that day, I stepped into a small booth and pulled a curtain closed behind me, shut my eyes and waited for the pain to subside questioning my choice all the while.

I got my flu shot! (You thought this was going to be political, didn’t you?)

From all of us at The Mandt System, please enjoy your family this week as those of you in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving. When we count our blessings, we definitely count each one of you.

Nikki Wince – Mandt Faculty Supervisor