It’s one thing to talk about concepts like RADAR, de-escalation and the crisis cycle. It is more challenging to put the concept into practice. I want to applaud all of the Mandt instructors and systems using The Mandt System that have taken steps to move the concepts into practice.

I recently became aware of a number of entities who have taken a tool developed and made available by The Mandt System many years ago which helps to translate the crisis cycle into an individualized tool that can inform day to day treatment decisions. The tool is a diagram of the crisis cycle, highlighting the various phases and providing space to enter information related to each phase of the crisis cycle specific to the individual. I first saw the tool used in a school system in Calgary, Alberta. I was impressed with the enthusiasm with which the faculty demonstrated how they were making use of the tool. They have developed the instrument for use for each of their students!!!

Providing this amount of detail into the individualized plan has numerous benefits!

1. It can help the individual gain insight into what causes him/her to become upset and what can help the individual feel safe and de-escalate.
2. That level of detail better informs anyone supporting the individual about what tools are most effective to use based on where the person is in the crisis cycle.
3. It allows the individual and staff to be more proactive and consistent in how they intervene.
4. It can help reduce opportunities for escalation to occur.

Mandt faculty members all enjoy the time they spend teaching and learning from Mandt instructors. However it is so much more rewarding when we see how the information provided by The Mandt System has been incorporated in a way that truly changes the lives of individuals receiving services, as well as the individuals supporting the person.

Aaryce Hayes – Senior Vice President Operations

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