This blog is offered by a certified instructor in an attempt to share information on the value of documentation. In The Mandt System, the need for good and exact documentation is repeatedly stressed. This blog, proudly offered by staff at a school in Minnesota clearly indicates the importance of documentation.

Since starting Mandt our school has become very good about following procedures and documentation. A parent came up to me and asked me if her child had been restrained, questioning because he had bruises on his upper arms. I replied that he had briefly been restrained but those marks were not from us as we used The Mandt System and the restraint that was performed did not involve touching his upper arms. I then demonstrated the restraint to the parent. Further, after the restraint was over, we had the nurse check the child and the nurse documented that there were no marks on the child. The restraint had been documented step by step with all staff involved in the restraint signing off. The parent had no further questions. This procedure was developed due to The Mandt System training.

Since starting Mandt 4-5 years ago, restraints in our district have gone from over 30 a year to 2 a year.

Shared via Aaryce Hayes – SVP Operations