I was asked to complete a blog for an issue of the monthly Stance and Balance. In the past I’ve shared things that related to my two grandsons with special needs. Since this will be my last opportunity to share information, I decided to share a statement my grandson’s uses when he wants to tell you a story. He always starts out by saying ”We did it”.

I began teaching The Mandt System in 1978. During that time, I got the opportunity to develop relationship with David. In 1987 I went to work for him full-time and begin teaching his program across the country. For many years, the only trainers there were David, Sally, and myself.

For next 30 years I have had the opportunity to travel the country and share information on how to build a healthy relationship. I’ve met many wonderful people and have grown through their helpful insights. I’ve seen the company grow and change in many ways, and proud to be a part of its history and future. So as we complete this section of the journey, I would just like to say thank you everyone who’s been a part of the experience. Thank you, and say “We Did It”.

Randel C. Goad – Mandt Faculty Supervisor