No matter how skilled a person becomes, it all starts with the “basics”. To develop advanced
skills in any subject, a person needs to be well versed in the basics of that subject. It is often better to be highly skilled in the use of a few tools, than to have minimal skill with a large number of tools.

In the Mandt System, the “basics” are treating people with dignity and respect, understanding human needs, using RADAR to be aware of the environment and make good decisions, utilizing the crisis cycle to understand the best ways to interact with a person who may be escalating, healthy communication, and healthy conflict management. The basics of the technical program include using the least amount of interaction to keep people safe, stance and balance, body mechanics and movement, and body position.

To truly utilize the Mandt System to the fullest potential, a person must master these core concepts. This takes practice, time, patience, and the desire to create the best possible environment for the individuals that we serve.

John Windsor – Mandt Faculty