Communicate – every day, every way!

First off, I want to give credit for the title to Hannah Price (in her blog

The Mandt System believes that communication is of utmost importance in our relationships – we believe it so much that we devote an entire chapter of our manual to communication! We spend time in our classes talking about how important it is to be clear in the way that we communicate and to consider the context of the message when choosing the best channel to use in this communicative process. Let’s face it, folks…there are just some things that should not be covered in a text message.

But there are just so many ways to communicate – drop a text, leave a voice message, pick up the phone, put yourself face to face with someone to say “hello.” Challenge yourself to use multiple modes of communication at your disposal each and every day. Expand your horizons and step outside your comfort zone.

The Mandt System faculty and adjunct faculty are spread all across the country and 4 continents, so we find ourselves in a very unique position trying to maintain good communication to facilitate those healthy relationships and I think the idea of “communicate – every day, every way” will go a long way towards encouraging us to cultivate and maintain those relationships.

Nikki Wince – Mandt System Faculty Supervisor

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