Charles Preaus – Fairland Public Schools, Fairland OK 

I was initially skeptical prior to training, but within a very short time period I began to reassess myself and previous practices and situations.  I am sold on the Mandt System.  I look forward to implementing it myself with my kids in the regular classroom and in coaching situations.


David Lyon – Avenue to Independence LLC Canton OH

I’m highly interested in becoming an instructor for my agency. I worked for the county board for 13 years from 1996 to 2009 and received training when the board began using your certification. I received training in both conceptual and physical as well as advanced. The system by far is above any other training of its type and I have seen others and their concepts which does not protect either parties in a crisis situation.


Doug VonEhrenkrook – Sedgeick County Area Educational Services

I appreciate the curriculum realignment, new information and instructional resources that the Mandt System is providing.


Lisa Young –  Pathways to Hope Olathe, KS 

Thank you so much for your time. It is with pleasure that I give the Mandt system my testimonial. It is evident that brevity isn’t easy for me. It is very important to me that you share with all of your staff the importance of their commitment. You, your staff and the Mandt system are making the difference!

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Louise Hopkins – Sheppard Pratt Health System, Jefferson, MD 

The Mandt System is more than an aggression management program with information about trauma.  It has fully integrated the concepts of trauma and positive behavior support in all facets of the training.  While The Mandt System is our aggression management training program, it is so much more than that.  Using The Mandt System, the Adolescent Residential Treatment Program at Sheppard-Pratt Health System has been able to reduce aggression related workers’ compensation costs to zero in 2010, while improving the quality of life of the children and youth we serve.  By focusing on prevention and de-escalation to the extent Mandt teaches, we have been able to help severely traumatized children start on the road to recovery.

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Rashay Blake – Advantage Behavioral Health Systems, Athens, GA 

We absolutely love and believe in the program!